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The Shape That Softens Any Room & How to Add It

July  6, 2016

A few months ago, I saw a surge of chatter around the fact that round mirrors—especially those slung in a leather strap, "captain's-style," as popularized by BDDW—are becoming increasingly popular. It's little wonder: In contrast to the angular structure of most rooms, they provide welcome curves that are still regular, calming, refined. Just the kind of texture that keeps a space interesting.

The more we pick up our heads, the more we're seeing this (welcome) trend towards circles extend to other parts of design—just last week, for example, this delicious-looking round tortilla towel made a triumphant debut on the internet, and on the Fourth of July, we launched a round Turkish beach throw in our Shop.

But where else? Our tables are often topped with round plates, glasses, and platters—but it's around the home that this shape is a little less conventional. Here are eight other ways to add round accents around the house (just don't go overboard, since too many circles has a cutesy, bubbly effect).

Pendant Lamps








Where do you add circles and globes? Share your tips in the comments.

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Olivia B. July 6, 2016
This reminds me of Stella Maria Baer's moon paintings that I've been admiring on instagram as of late!
Amanda S. July 6, 2016