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David Chang's Deliciousness Theory, Milk Paint & More We Read and Loved This Week

July 23, 2016

David Chang on deliciousness, a vintage-looking paint to DIY, and more we read and loved this week.

  • Five of the lessons NPR reporter Dan Charles learned from meeting and talking with farm workers—like how the hardest part of farm work isn't low pay, but sporadic work. [NPR's The Salt]
  • Male chicks aren't as useful as female chicks—and so they've long been "culled" (it's as gruesome as it sounds). But in-shell gender selection could eliminate culling entirely. [The New Food Economy]
  • What does one eat at the Republican National Convention? A lot of confetti cookies, it turns out. [Bon Appétit]
  • How to make anything taste good? David Chang has a few ideas. (It's based on a theory from an advanced logic class he took in college.) [Wired]
  • Grocery store shelves are empty in Venezuela. [Bloomberg]
  • The trend report is in, and it sounds like we should be watching out for more harissa (harissa everywhere!) and the soursop.
  • DIY a vintage-looking paint made from milk! Then swipe it over everything in sight.
  • Bid soggy-bottomed crusts adieu forever, and advance further towards pie guru-dom.
  • Think twice about your perfume choices (specifically, ahem, how much you're wearing) before going to a restaurant.
  • Head to Sarasota, Florida for the sunshine, says Amanda Hesser—but stick around for the gorgeous shrimp.

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