Meatless Monday Inspiration

March  2, 2011

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    Sous Chef Bella
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RuthD March 7, 2011
This roundup is enough to convert the most die hard carnivore. Thanks for a beautiful collection. The only challenge is where to start!
Sous C. March 6, 2011
great selection of meatless recipes! Can't wait to try them wonderful array of flavors textures and color. And lack of redundancy which is great !!! Especially liked the gnocchi recipe that is a great twist on a classic making it really decadent with the sauteeing in the butter and oil!!Can't wait to try
Anitalectric March 4, 2011
Love it! These are all so delicious-looking.
Lucia F. March 4, 2011
Great timing. Next week starts Lent so we will be having meatless Fridays. After looking at these recipes I am looking forward to Friday night dinners!
Panfusine March 4, 2011
Absolutely Love the meatless monday section...How can I contribute to this section? ( Each & every dish I make qualifies!)
Merrill S. March 4, 2011
Just add your meatless recipes to the site -- we're always looking and testing!
Peanut March 4, 2011
Thanks for the meatless recipes, not only fod for "Meatless Mondays" but also for the meatless Fridays of Lent, which starts next week!
Merrill S. March 4, 2011
Great point! You're a step ahead of us.
Lucia F. March 4, 2011
Oh I just made the same comment about Lent! This is going to add some needed changes in our usual meals.
Lizthechef March 2, 2011
Thanks to deanna1001 and food52 for teaching me how to save recipes - news to me...Great news!
Burnt O. March 2, 2011
I'm making an eggplant, sun dried tomato, and gorgonzola sauce for pasta tonight. I'll post the recipe on my profile when I work out the details.
Merrill S. March 2, 2011
Yum. Please do!
Burnt O. March 4, 2011
It's up!
deanna1001 March 2, 2011
Thanks for all these inspirational recipes! I'd vote for a separate tab or channel for meatless recipe ideas...such the trend these days. I'm kind of new here -- is there any way to store links to favorite recipes on the site?
Food52 March 2, 2011
Welcome! Just hit "Save" below the photo on any recipe page. Then, as long as you're logged in, you can find them all stored under "My Recipes" (linked in the upper right corner of any food52 page).