Summer Camp Week!

The New Kitchen Sink Cookie: Mookies!

July 29, 2016

When I was 10 years old, my family ditched Drake for Willie Nelson and moved from Toronto to Austin, Texas. In order to escape the 100-degree temperatures and keep my connection to the Great White North, my parents decided to send me to Onondaga Camp in Miden, Ontario. I loved everything about camp and spent the next 7 summers covered in mosquito bites on Little Bob Lake.

Although we spent most of the day on the lake, the Dining Hall was the heart of camp—and meals always included dessert. Chef Andre Dallarie has been feeding campers at Onondaga Camp for over 25 years. He is famous among campers and camp alumni for his chocolate croissants and poutine, but my personal favorite camp treat was the humbler Mookie.

A Mookie (Moo-key) is a giant fluffy cookie the size and shape of a muffin top with lots of crunchy mix-in’s. No two batches of mookies were the same because the mix-ins were whatever leftover cereal, nuts, and potato chips were in the kitchen. This version with Corn Flakes and chocolate chips is a salty and sweet combo, and the corn flakes give every bite a big crunch!  

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This summer I brought a batch to an East Village rooftop with some fellow Onondaga alumni (I wasn’t kidding about the lifelong friendship thing). One bite and we were all instantly transported back to the tent line on the shores of Onondaga. Turns out Mookies are just as good with a cold beer and a Manhattan sunset.

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Robby H. July 31, 2016
judy, my grocery now sells cereal in those individual portion bowls. They're about $1 each, but it would beat a big box of something you won't consume. Hope that helps.
Amy M. July 30, 2016
Recipe doesn't say what size to make them? I use a scoop - is it 2"? Cooking time would vary based in size so it'd would be helpful to know. Thanks!
Victoria M. August 1, 2016
Hi Amy! I would use a 2" scoop! I typically make them the same size as a standard muffin. Let me know how they turn out!
judy July 30, 2016
These look like fun, but I never have those cereals around any more-except the oatmeal. I'm not sure I want to buy boxes I would not use otherwise. I guess I always had them around as a kid, and even when my kids were growing up--rice krispie treats were a favorite, especially with p-nut butter and using cheerios--but, I like the idea of a large softish cookie. NO grandkids yet to indulge!
MB M. August 1, 2016
One suggestion would be to buy the cereals and find other ways to use the leftovers. For the corn flakes, I highly recommend this cornflake crusted french toast, or this oven fried chicken with a cornflake crust, As for the rice krispies, I'll bet your neighbors, co-workers or local fire or police department would really appreciate a batch of those rice krispie treats!
Victoria M. August 1, 2016
Thanks MB Martini!

Judy - you could sub the cereal for potato chips and oatmeal, or maybe granola? The beauty of the Mookie is it can handle whatever mix-in's you have laying around! :)