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Watch How One Couple Built a Business on Cutting Boards & Cake Stands

October  5, 2016

Our makers are what bring the Food52 Shop to life, so we partnered with Roca Patron to create exclusive new products with a few—and give you a glimpse into their every day. Check out their stories (and products!) here.

American Heirloom, the brainchild of Brooklyn-based husband and wife team Amy Stringer-Mowat and Bill Mowat, is a staff favorite at Food52: Their sculptural wooden cake stands pop up in our photos more often than not, we make many a cocktail with their slender, smooth muddler, and we love the story of how their company came to be—and we think you will, too.

Watch the video above, and Amy and Bill will give you the lowdown on how state-shaped cutting boards made their wedding a hit, how they're learning to work with new materials all the time, and a new product they've just released, just for us.

Roca Patron is crafted using Weber Blue Agave and the age-old 'tahona' method, where you crush the agave with a 2-ton rock (!). See all their styles, from silver to añejo, here.

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I love oysters and unfussy sandwiches.

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Robert S. October 12, 2016
I could not hear the commentary because the music overpowered the speakers. Too bad as it looked interesting.