10 Way-Cute Artworks that Celebrate Tomatoes (And Where To Buy Them Online)

August 23, 2016

Tomato season is too short! The good ones come and they go, dust in the hot summer wind, and always before you've gotten your fill of them. Our first solution to this tough reality is Tomato Week, happening right now on Food52, wherein we'll bring you all our best ideas for making the most of your 'maters (plus a handful of longer reads positing on all things tomato-tomahtoe).

Our second remedy is tomato art. Hang a depiction of a tomato on the wall, and its sunny cheer will accompany you right through the winter blues. (It's proven!) Here are 10 pieces of tomato art that we love, how much they cost, and where to buy them online.

Tomatoes and Padron Peppers, oil on panel, by Margot Dedrick

$50, 6" square, via Etsy

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Hurry before I buy this one for myself!

Photo by Etsy

Sun Dried, fine art print, by Matthew Carden

$1250, 23" x 29", via Pure Photo

Don't lie: This is what you want to do to your homemade sun dried tomatoes.

Photo by Pure Photo

Upcycled Vintage Dictionary Book Page, print, by Kitchen Vegetable Tomato

$7.99, 7.1" x 10.4", via EBay

Yes, you've seen book page art before—but that doesn't meant that this little fella, leaned up behind your office computer, wouldn't draw smiles.

Photo by Ebay

A Pear and Tomato, oil on canvas, by Evgeniy Stasenko

$1,640, 20.5" x15.7", via Saatchi Art

Friends forever.

Photo by Saatchi

Heirloom Tomatoes Poster, digital print, Melissa Garden

$15, 11" x 17", via Etsy

Part identifier, part art.

Photo by MelissaGarden, Etsy

Rinsing Tomatoes, acrylic on canvas, studioAilema

$350, 11" x 14", via Etsy

More than a little calming.

Photo by Etsy

Nature's Textures, photography, Anja Istenic

$185, 16.5" x 23.4", via Saatchi Art

Prime tomato-season tomato texture, captured even without the fire-engine red.

Photo by Saatchi

Stewed 2, oil on canvas, Sally Tharp

$3,900, 60" x 48", via 1stDibs

Large and in charge—the way bright canned tomatoes can always be.

Photo by 1stDibs

Over-Ripe Tomato in Rome, ink and watercolor on paper, Ian Bourgeot

$135, 8.3" x 11.4", via Saatchi Art

Half the beauty of this dude is the title.

Italian Tomato, photograph, Furiarossa

$12.69, 10" x 8", via Society6 (more sizes available)

In their full-on, shiny glory (plus vine!).

Italian Tomato, by Furiarossa (photography) Photo by Society6

What part of tomato-dom deserves a monument to its beauty? Tell us in the comments.

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amysarah August 23, 2016
Richard Diebenkorn, one of my favorite painters, had a way with tomatoes:
Amanda S. August 23, 2016
Oh, wow! I love these.
Merrill S. August 23, 2016
These are great.