A Better Map of the Brimfield Flea (See You There!)

August 30, 2016

Getting lost at Brimfield is a complete delight. (And very easy to do.) One second you'll be puttering down Route 20, the long, bending road that cuts directly through town, shoulder-to-shoulder with folks toting cathedral pews, vintage tricycles, and/or their toddlers. Cars rumble by and the sun beats down, so you'll soon dart off into the fray that winds about fifty vendors deep on either side of the mile-long highway. Losing your path in that jungle of dusty, waiting displays is why you've come all this way.

And no matter how much you prepare, you'll have to get a little lost: Vendors change up sites every season, so you'll go hunting for them anew at each fair. To help you get your bearings, we worked with illustrator Julia Barzizza on a better map of Brimfield—to call out some of our favorite fields and their opening hours (determined shoppers will line up to be first inside), plus a few other helpful details like good eateries and parking, too.

Photo by Julia Barzizza

See that big red star in the middle of town? That's us, located in the Central Park field, sites 12-14 (just south of Route 20). We'll have copies of this map at our Lawn Party, so swing by to grab one. Or right-click, save, and then print the image above to bring it with you!

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One of the charms of Brimfield is that your phone won't get terribly good reception—so don't count on pulling up this map on your phone browser. If you're thrifting with a friend, there's a very good chance you'll get separated—and might we suggest, in this event, using the Food52 Lawn Party as the spot to meet? We'll have comfy chairs. Just sayin'.

Coming to Brimfield? Find us in the Central Park field using the map above. And here are all the details about our Lawn Party.


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Amanda Sims

Written by: Amanda Sims

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Alexandra S. August 30, 2016
Love that illustration!! So hoping to make it this year.