6 of Our Best Brimfield Finds From Over the Years

September  5, 2016

Like any flea market devotee, I take just as much pleasure passing through and mulling over the selection—fawning over glamorous stuff I can't afford, picking up oddities, delighting in all the merry, brazen kitsch—as I do in purchasing. (If it were any other way, Heaven help me.)

But once in a while, for perhaps no reason other than that I'm ready and it's right there in front of me, the magic happens and suddenly I've bought it. Victory dance! A diamond sorted from the rough.

Since our Lawn Party at Brimfield starts tomorrow (6 A.M! Central Park fields! Please come by anytime between then and Sunday!), we decided to share a few of our team and community's favorite finds from the Brimfield Antiques Fair in shows past.


Photo by Athena Calderone

I have only been to Brimfield once with a client but I did get a beautiful Turkish rug on that trip! —Athena Calderone, Eye Swoon


Photo by Marili Forastieri

I bought hand blown glass decanters from the 18th century—pure, simple design, look modern but are 250 years old... Still love them after 10 years and use them for dinner parties filled with limoncello! —Tricia Foley


When you meet someone who *gets you* ☕️📖🔨

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This Danish chair from the '50s won me over on my second or third trip back to see it—and the old linen cushions it came with are so cozily warn that I've not made time to fix it up. (For shame! Though, I did find some fabric this weekend...) —me

Photo by Mark Weinberg

Vintage silverware, vintage dining chairs, vintage linens... —Alexis Anthony, Art Director at Food52


I bought a Danish teak side table with a canvas swoop for magazines from HEJA, and a ladder for displaying blankets, and use both in my home! —Kate Kudish, Events Director at Food52

Over the years we have filled our home with special pieces from Brimfield. One of my favorites is this farmhouse hutch in our kitchen. I took the mirrored door off to keep the shelves accessible but it found a home on our living room mantel! —Kaitlin Servant, Flea Finder App

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Tell us in the comments: What's the best thing you've thrifted at a flea market? (We'll run an updated list of Brimfield scores from the upcoming show next week.)


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Written by: Amanda Sims

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