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A Cuter Donut Emoji(-ish) & More to Obsess Over in Our New Sticker Pack

September 14, 2016

With yesterday's release of iOS 10 from Apple, texters everywhere are getting an exciting upgrade to their messaging lives in the form of third-party designed icon sets called stickers. Stickers are bigger than emojis, for one thing, and you can not only send them, but you can also stamp them onto existing messages (almost like a reply). So if your roommate says "what are we doing tonight?" you can just stick a pair of clinking Food52 wine glasses (or, okay, an ice cream cone! or a dinner plate!) right on top of her message...

That's right, we went and made some: Food52’s first Sticker Pack is available for you to download in the App Store today (so do!). Please welcome them into your messages with open arms:

Photo by Tim McSweeney

A shout out to Tim McSweeney, Senior Designer at Food52—these winking little designs are his genius (we just made a few requests for things like wiggly egg edges and a cookbook because, well, we are who we are).

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In case you're new to stickering (because we all are), here's how to use them:

  • Launch iMessage and tap the Apps button (which looks just like the Apps Store icon).
  • Find Food52's Snack Pack by searching, then download and start stickering them to everything from your group texts about dinners to your grocery store requests. No text is safe!
Photo by Tim McSweeney

Do you love them as much as we do? Download Food52's Snack Pack of stickers in iOS 10 today—and stay tuned, as we might just roll out some new additions. Tell us what we're missing!

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sarah September 14, 2016
Ooh, these are super cute, think you'll be rolling them out for android?
Kenzi W. September 14, 2016
Sadly the sticker packs are only an iOS feature! If Android rolls out something similar, we'd totally consider it.