Easiest, Fastest, Best Week

Recipes! Tips! Hacks! The Easiest, Fastest, Bestest Week of Your Life Starts Tomorrow

September 25, 2016

It seems the only way people want to cook these days is the easiest, fastest way—or at least that's what the internet tell us. We want the best recipes; if not the best, then the best ever, the world's best, the life-changing, or the perfect.

We’re as guilty of it as anyone. We’ve used the words “easiest,” “fastest,” and “best” 6077 times (and likely counting) on this site. So much, we could make a whole week of it! Starting tomorrow, it’s Easiest, Fastest, Best Week at Food52, where we’ll poke holes and fun at the hyperbole, with the hope of actually smarter, happier (we don’t say better) cooking.

Starting tomorrow, tune in all week as we:

  • Learn how Mark Bittman came to write the books on how to cook and bake everything
  • Pit all of the food media’s best banana bread recipes against each other in hopes of finding the absolute winner (spoiler: it’s not possible)
  • Test top-rated recipes across the internet—and uncover how a recipe rises to the top of the Google
  • Celebrate the “hacks” (whatever that means) that actually make our lives better, and figure out what that words means to us
  • Test hacks and magical products we’re suspicious of on Facebook Live every single day. Alton Brown, Katie Quinn, and Todd Coleman will be joining us to help!
  • Revel in the hard, slow recipes we love anyways

See you tomorrow for the best Monday of your entire life!

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BerryBaby September 25, 2016
Crocker! Autocorrect, sorry.
BerryBaby September 25, 2016
One more 'Best ever' is the Betty Crocket 1973 cookbook, The Best Chocolate Cake Ever...everything is placed in the bowl and mixed/beat together. I've made this recipe since I first saw it 40+ years ago and it is always perfect! To me, it is THE best chocolate cake recipe JMO