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28 of the Best Bites of Food Ever

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A friend recently said to me, "My biggest pet peeve about you is that whenever food is around, you always take the best bite."

I responded, "Yeah, so?"

Dibs. Photo by James Ransom

It's a dog-eat-dog world out there, one where there's only one best bite of the ice cream cone (the last one), you have to fight for your right to the corner brownie, and if you don't leap on the nachos, there may be no perfectly cheesy chips left. In case you had any doubts, here are 28 of the Best Bites, Ever:

1. The tip of the pizza slice (pepperoni preferred, but optional).

2. The last bite of the bowl of cereal. Or, according to our COO Bridget, the first bite. (Discuss.)

3. The crater of the mashed potato volcano.

4. The second bite of the dumpling (once you've bitten off the tip to maximize your sauce-to-dumpling dipping power).

5. The last bite of the ice cream cone (arguably tied with the first lick).

Dibs. Photo by Mark Weinberg

6. The crispiest bit on the top of the macaroni and cheese.

7. The center of the skillet cookie—or the center of any cookie, really.

8. The bottom of the burrito (or the bite where mid-way, you find where all the guacamole's been hanging out).

9. The perfectly melty-but-not-quite-melted side of the bowl (okay, pint) of ice cream.

10. The last swig of the hot chocolate.

11. The first sip of beer (especially if it's a Friday).

Dibs. Photo by Mark Weinberg

12. The salty crumbs at the bottom of the bowl (or bag!) of chips.

13. The crisped Parmesan that fell off the edge of your grilled cheese.

14. The dressing-soaked bite at the bottom of the grain bowl or salad.

15. The still-crispy but cheese-salsa-beans-and-jalapeño-covered tortilla chip at the middle of the nacho pile.

16. The turkey neck (or so we've heard).

17. The corner of the lasagna—or is it a straight bite of the melted cheese that sits on top of the lasagna?

Dibs. Photo by Linda Xiao

18. The oysters of the chicken (no wonder the French call it the sot-l'y-laisse, or the "fool to leave it there").

19. The center of the sandwich.

20. The yolk of the soft-boiled egg.

21. The hole of the donut.

22. The top of the muffin.

23. The center of the cinnamon roll.

Dibs. Photo by James Ransom

24. The head of the gingerbread man.

25. The first of the bar nuts. (Especially in flu season.)

26. The olive.

27. The center of the peanut butter cup.

28. The corner brownie—or is it the gooey center?

What are your favorite bites? Do you disagree with any of ours? Tell us in the comments below!

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Automagic Spring Menu Maker!

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