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6 Simple, Impactful Ways to Perk Up Your Home Decor This Weekend

May 19, 2017

No matter how seemingly "finished" you think your decor might be, shifting it in small ways over time is one of the great, delightful time-sucks of modern life. There are the obvious changes: Buying a new throw to fling across the back of the couch, taking on the small, worthwhile hell that is painting a room.

But the perfect weekend touch-up is neither overpriced nor overly complicated. It's a small, doable project (or task, really) that makes a big impact, and here are six you can take on this weekend.

try a new light bulb

There's so much lighting technology out there to choose from, and the best part is that you don't have to buy all new lamps to try them out!

We've even got a few options in our Shop (and yes, stringing twinkle lights counts):

tweak the look of your bedding

May we suggest using a sheet—and this fold-over technique—instead of a traditional cover?

Letting the cover puddle, rather than tucking it in, would also change the look dramatically. (As would a new pillow or two—just sayin').

accessorize a spot on your ceiling

Yes, this requires putting a hole in the ceiling—but just one! Add a toggle bolt with a swag hook, and you're ready to suspend (something lightweight).

A pendant bulb, or a mobile, or a little hanging planter can be slung right over the hook. And just like that, your air space is decorated, too.

make a piece of furniture*

*without the use of saws, or drills, or anything overly ambitious at all! Grab some pipes and elbows and a little epoxy to turn an old bread board into a side table:

Lower-touch yet: Flip over a large wire basket to use as a side table, or bring out an old ladder to use as impromptu shelving.

introduce a little flora

Need some direction at the nursery? Look for these no-kill houseplants, strong enough to withstand a little accidental neglect.

change up your scent

Ah, the smell of home. Home design is all about sensory experience, so introducing some good-smellies will actually feel like a tangible change. (Just think how baking-cookies smell makes a room even cozier!)

A candle, of course, will do the trick, too!

This piece was originally published in September, 2016.

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Catherine C. April 3, 2018
Lovely piece, really! I would just like to add another effective and immediate way to refresh your home over a weekend. I usually use custom mirrors like these http://imperiumglass.com.au/custom-mirrors/ to spice up the atmosphere and make the room feel spacious and cosy. Worth a shot, wouldn't you agree. :)
sexyLAMBCHOPx September 24, 2016
FWIW - The linen pillowcases from the shop are the best I've ever slept on!