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9 Cooking Projects to Distract Yourself from Tomorrow's Election

November  7, 2016

I am spent after this American election cycle, so much that I find the prospect of sitting through tomorrow's actual election tautologically exhausting. The tension I've so willfully abstracted for these past few months will be distilled in one night's action. I fear that if I do watch, I'll make a meal out of my nails.

Don't do this! If you can't bear to watch tomorrow's election, I understand. You need a distraction. I've got one, baby. I demand you make these labor-intensive, labyrinthine dishes instead. You'll fall into a deep slumber afterward, induced both by the volume of food you've consumed and the energy you've exerted to create it. Perhaps you'll sleep through the next four years.

Have any intensely complicated recipes you're planning on making tomorrow? Let us know in the comments!

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Mayukh Sen is a James Beard Award-winning food and culture writer in New York. His writing has appeared in the New York Times, the New Yorker, Bon Appetit, and elsewhere. He won a 2018 James Beard Award in Journalism for his profile of Princess Pamela published on Food52.


Jopic November 3, 2020
I wish I didn't need this 4 years after it was written, but I'll absolutely be cooking and baking to distract myself tonight
Kathryn K. November 7, 2016
Tamales. Make fillings all day & roll/steam at night with returns coming in.
Emma November 7, 2016
Martha Stewart's recipe for Chocolate truffles! I begged my mom to make these with me when I was around 10-years-old. Incredibly time consuming and stress inducing, but oh so worth it. Also, pumpkin gnochhi, in which case you roast the pumpkin on your own and use a hand-blender to achieve a creamy from-the-can puree consistency. I recently made this for friends, again, time consuming and even more so stress inducing!
Andrew M. November 7, 2016
Americans! Please do not get distracted from this election. Please spend 100% of your time until it is over making sure Trump does not win! There's a whole ocean in between me and him and I still feel sick with dread.
Fredrik B. November 7, 2016
Well, I mean.. Once you've voted (hopefully not for Trump), there's really not much left to do. Might as well take shelter in the kitchen.
Andrew M. November 7, 2016
Here in the UK parties knock on doors of likely supporters to make sure they've voted.
amysarah November 7, 2016
Here too. 'Get Out to Vote' efforts are critical - so many people simply don't; or don't know where their polling place is; are need transportation, etc...I'll personally be voting first thing in the morning, but working on those efforts all day.
amysarah November 7, 2016
...that should read: 'or need transportation," clearly election anxiety has destroyed my ability to type.
Angela D. November 7, 2016
Egg rolls are my personal favorite for this sort of thing