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5 Ways to Make Your Kitchen More Minimalist—No Matter Your Style

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Make way for minimalism in the kitchen—and that doesn't mean tossing everything you own. We partnered with Bosch Home Appliances to give you five ways to clear the clutter, inspired by their modern appliances like this electric range.

Minimalism is not: painting everything you own white, getting rid of all your possessions, or going to live in the woods. In its nascent, artistic sense, minimalism is about paring down with purpose—the results of which are often calming, impactful, evocative (sometimes all at once!). Take Frank Stella's famous "pinstripe" paintings, just black lines on a white canvas but somehow so much more. Or the Japanese art of ikebana, which aims to elevate the most essential part of a flower in an arrangement.

Clean but functional, a focus on just the essentials... it sounds quite a lot like a tidy home kitchen! If you're looking to embrace a more minimalist aesthetic in yours, don't feel like you need to take everything to the local thrift store. A light purge of unused tools (think back-of-the-cabinet stuff) is a great start, and then here are five ways to embrace a more minimalist aesthetic in your home kitchen—no matter your style!

A modern stovetop (like Bosch's electric range) keeps kitchen zen front and center.
A modern stovetop (like Bosch's electric range) keeps kitchen zen front and center. Photo by James Ransom

Stow Most of Your Stuff Out of Sight

Open shelves are nice, but if they're as long as your kitchen and filled to the brim, even the most well-styled selection of plates and glassware will start to feel cluttered.

If you don't have enough cabinet space in your kitchen to store everything—and just can't part with any piece of your cookware—invest in a hutch or set of cabinets that can live just outside the kitchen to safeguard the overflow.

Show Off Just a Few Favorites

Now that the large majority are tucked away, select a half dozen or so pieces you're especially fond of—an elegantly worn cutting board, your favorite mug, a go-to piece of cast iron—and put them on display. Contradictory though it might seem, setting out a small selection will make the room feel curated, and very pared down indeed. (The illusion being: All I ever need are a few mugs and a cute skillet!)

Introduce Bright White Light

Soft yellow bulbs, great for setting the mood and making your complexion look flawless, aren't very helpful in a room where sharp tools and open flames are a regular occurrence.

The Best Light Bulbs For Maximum Visibility in Your Kitchen
The Best Light Bulbs For Maximum Visibility in Your Kitchen

Think Monochromatically

If you've got tons of competing colors in your kitchen, and don't want to overhaul it entirely, use the feature that would be hardest to change as your color guiding light. Marble counter? Paint the cabinets white or a pale grey, DIY a tile backsplash to match. Slate floors? Go with darker cabinets and an inky wall color.

Not every element needs to be the exact same color, per se, but keeping them in a family will give it a cleaner, more minimalist look.

Clear Your Air Space

A massive, looming dish rack does not a minimalist kitchen make. Make room for pots and pans in low cabinets, and if the resulting air space still begs to draw the eyes up, hang a few simple, slender pendant bulbs (high enough so they don't block any sight lines!).

Pendant Filament Bulbs

Pendant Filament Bulbs

Sofia Porcelain Pendant Light

Sofia Porcelain Pendant Light


How do you keep kitchen clutter at bay? Tell us your best tips in the comments.

The modern design of Bosch Home Appliances inspired us to start streamlining our kitchens, so we're sharing design tips to declutter your decor.

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