Would You Take a Look at the World's Largest Pumpkin?

October 12, 2016

Well, would you look at that. A pumpkin grower from Belgium, Mattias Willemyens, "splattered" the Guinness World Record for the world's largest pumpkin at the Giant Pumpkin European Championship, held this past Sunday in the German city of Ludwigsburg. There it is—the queen, spacious enough to ensconce Cinderella. Incredible. Notice the pumpkin's puny competitors, lumpen and misshapen, perched atop mobile blocks of wood and hauled by burly tractors.

Willemyens' little morsel of fruit has ballooned for the past 93 days, clocking in at a whopping 1,190.5 kilograms—that's 2,600 pounds. In doing so, it's bested the measly 1,054 kilogram record held by Swiss strongarm Beni Meier, whose pumpkin was "authenticated by the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth" (uh) two years ago to the day. Ha. Move over, bud. There's a new pumpkin in this Commonwealth.

"I feel great. I didn't expect it—that heavy," Willemyens, who even has his own Facebook page dedicated to his "GIANT pumpkins" commented. "That's awesome."

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Wow. Have you ever seen a pumpkin this large? Please let me know.

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1 Comment

Gina U. October 17, 2016
i live in the greater seattle area and every year at a grocery store in shoreline wa called central matket they have a weigh off and they brong in pumpkins from sll over the state. the largest i have seen is 1100 pounds!! huge. they also carve them. amazing fun.