DIY Metallic Candlesticks That'll Only Run You $1 Each

December  7, 2016

The aisles of a hardware store can be just as tempting as the aisles of a candy store around the holidays: an array of spectacular outdoor and indoor lights! Moving Santas! A good hardware store is home to all kinds of bits and bobs you'd never expect to find.

My favorite aisle of all these days is the plumbing aisle. Sounds so unromantic, but you'll find an incredible assortment of gleaming nuts and bolts crying out to be used for a DIY project. They're stored in these cutesy pull-out drawers to make things even better.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

You may remember this project using copper end caps. The candlesticks above are a spin off of that project—which I love so much for it's versatility—instead using copper couplings. The couplings work so well as the holder for any candle you may have lying around, you'll just need a large flat washer for anchoring as the base. A flat washer and coupling are a match made in hardware store heaven. They're also spectacular for their gleaming silver and copper finish (polish them after storing year after year).

So, go make the most of your hardware store! At about $1 a piece, you can't beat the price.

What you'll need:

How to make them:

  • I love the combination of white and copper, so I spray the washers white first: Lay washers on a flat surface covered with kraft paper or newspaper (outside, or near an open window to reduce fumes!). Spray washers on one side and let dry 30 minutes. Flip washers and spray, so the paint is now covering both sides. Let dry 30 minutes.
Photo by Mark Weinberg
  • On another flat and covered surface, carefully line one end of the copper coupling with E6000 adhesive. You don't want to use too much (it's a strong glue!) as you don't want the adhesive to be visible when it dries clear.
  • Firmly press the coupling (glue end) on top of the center of the sprayed washer, and hold for about 5 minutes so the glue sets.
  • Stand candlesticks on a flat surface to dry, about 1 hour.
  • Insert candle and display (if candle is too wide to fit inside the coupling, buy a different width coupling or use a sharp knife to scrape away the sides of the candle base, making it 'thinner').

What other hardware store supplies do you love crafting with? Tell us in the comments.

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