Fish For Lent and Beyond

March 31, 2011

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tenmiler April 19, 2011
Well the problem is that you don't make any distinction about the differences in the types of swordfish. There is ABSOLUTELY still a major problem with certain kinds of swordfish. In fact, this is from today, April 19th, 2011:

And the article you point to for Swordfish (your best recipes), was sponsored by Whole Foods, yet they only today agreed to improve their sourcing.

Tuna is the other one. What can F52 editors do, then? EDUCATE people on what to buy and what not to buy, and in these cases, labeling (maybe an article on red label fish) helps educate the cook but also F52 as well.
tenmiler April 2, 2011
Very disappointed to see Swordfish on any recipe here. It's irresponsibly overfished, and the responsible thing to do would be to NOT publish recipes calling for it.
CookingUpAStorm April 4, 2011
I second that!
lastnightsdinner April 6, 2011
Actually, as far as sustainability, Atlantic swordfish has been a great success story and the stocks have rebounded quite a bit:

The Marine Stewardship Council has even certified harpoon-caught swordfish from Nova Scotia, which is available at Whole Foods Markets. There was a bit of discussion around this at the time of last summer's swordfish-themed contest, for which the two swordfish dishes featured above were finalists.

carol_mahar_jesep April 2, 2011
Anyone need some new recipes for Lent Fridays?
loubaby April 4, 2011
You have some new recipes you want to share?