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Watch Food Tank's Talk On the Future of U.S. Agriculture

February  2, 2017

Food Tank, a food think tank founded by Danielle Nierenberg dedicated to promoting food system change, is hosting the first of several 2017 summits in Washington, D.C. today—and they're streaming it live, for free, on their website and Facebook until 5pm EST.

The summits, which will take place in other cities like São Paulo, Brazil, New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles, all focus on different aspects of food systems. With 35+ speakers drawn from a diverse group of backgrounds—from farming and agriculture to journalism and research—today's summit is tackling topics like the future of agriculture in the U.S., healthy food systems, and creating resiliency in food and agriculture. (The Farm Bill and food security were the focus of panels earlier in the day.) You can see the full agenda here

And the panelists are taking questions from their audience outside of the conference, as well—you can add yours to the list here. If you want to attend future summits, or be up to date on more live-streams from them, here's where you can sign up.

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