Take Our Community Survey, Earn Our Gratitude (& Maybe Money for Our Shop!)

March 17, 2017

You, yes, YOU—the one reading these words right now at home, at work (we won't tell), or waiting in a long line—are the backbone of this site. Our community is at the forefront of everything we do, so we want to make sure that we know more about you (1) and your hopes and dreams (2) in order to make your interactions with Food52 the very best they can be. All of which is to say: We have a favor to ask:

Could you please fill out our community survey?

It won't take more than 10 minutes of your time (probably less!) and you can enter for a chance at a $100 gift card to our Shop (might as well start browsing now).

Go on, pull up a chair, tell us about yourself! Photo by James Ransom

Ready? Set? Go: Fill it out here. Thank you!

(1) Just to be clear, we're trying to learn about our community as a whole, so while we'll ask questions about you and your individual preferences, answers are kept completely anoynomous—scout's honor!

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(2) Okay, we don't cover hopes and dreams in this survey, but we keep it in mind for the next one. In the meantime, feel free to tell us about them in the comments.

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  • Matt
  • Lindsay-Jean Hard
    Lindsay-Jean Hard
I like esoteric facts about vegetables. Author of the IACP Award-nominated cookbook, Cooking with Scraps.


Matt March 20, 2017
I took the survey, and it didn't ask for my contact info, so how will I be entered into the raffle?
Lindsay-Jean H. March 20, 2017
Hi Matt - there's a spot on the very last page to enter an email address, but not to worry, I've let the relevant team know and they're going to make sure your name gets in the hat for the drawing.