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April 22, 2011

The Recipe You Want to be Remembered For

Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see The Recipe You Want To Be Remembered For!

There's just one hitch -- for the first time, you can only submit one recipe. We really want you to think about this one and tell us why it's so important to your identity as a cook.

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mrslarkin April 26, 2011
Merrill and Amanda, I would love to know what recipe YOU would want to be remembered for!
Panfusine April 26, 2011
The question I wanted to ask but was afraid to!! Yes, Please A & M, your defining recipes please!
fiveandspice April 26, 2011
Oh, me three!!!
Emiko April 25, 2011
What a great theme - this is really what cooking is all about!
Sadassa_Ulna April 22, 2011
I really like this week's contest, it will be so interesting to read the recipes and their stories as they come in. Can't wait to see the multitudes!
pierino April 22, 2011
I am sooooo loving this theme!
TiggyBee April 22, 2011
@pierino - as one of your biggest groupies, I can't wait to see what you'll post. Ramones or GI Joe with a dash of Audrey Hepburn and followed with a twist of toy story/army men. All appreciated.
Panfusine April 23, 2011
followed Tiggybee's comments to your list of recipes...loved the nomenclature!
cheese1227 April 22, 2011
Uhm, I think I may have a problem. The two things my kids (and now their friends) ask for most often are MrsLarkin's Chewy Sugar Cookies and Kelsey's chocolate cake!
Merrill S. April 23, 2011
TheWimpyVegetarian April 22, 2011
Sorry to miss this one! I'm in the Miami airpot on my way to Galapagos. But I can't wait to see what everyone submits when I get back!! Happy cooking everyone!!
Panfusine April 22, 2011
have a wonderful trip ChezSuzanne!
hardlikearmour April 22, 2011
Oh, you're so lucky! Do let us know how your trip goes!
TheWimpyVegetarian April 22, 2011
Thanks guys! I'm really jazzed and hoping for good weather and calm seas. But as I sit here for a 5-hour (sigh) layover, I can't help planning what I would have submitted...
hardlikearmour April 22, 2011
Too bad one of your already uploaded recipes doesn't fit the bill for you! It's like you get to take the trip of a lifetime instead of submitting the recipe of a lifetime (though I suppose less dramatic!)
fiveandspice April 22, 2011
Oh what fun! Take lost of pictures!!!
BoulderFoodie April 24, 2011
Have fun swimming with the penguins and seals!
Burnt O. April 22, 2011
AKA "The David Eyre's Pancake Contest" ;-)
Amanda H. April 22, 2011
Now that made me laugh...
dymnyno April 22, 2011
Panfusine April 22, 2011
This contest must have been before I got hooked on foo52.. intriguing..what was it about?
fiveandspice April 22, 2011
Read this, Panfusine, it should sort of clarify:
Panfusine April 22, 2011
fiveandspice, thank you so much for sharing this story... This is probably the most gorgeous pancake I've ever set eyes on... Thanks again!
Burnt O. April 22, 2011
I think this contest is s lovely tribute to this ideal.