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How to Make a Spring Wreath That Blooms

May 10, 2017

A fresh, lush, green spring wreath is such a welcome and inviting addition to any home in this season. Using the first of delicate new spring growth, mixed with the dry weathered branches of winter and the foliage of fall, a perfect harmony between old and new is formed. New leaves and blossoms don't tend to hold up particularly well due to their fragile nature, so in this wreath, we use small test tubes of water discreetly hidden amongst the foliage to keep them looking perky for longer.

Who would think there are little test tubes hiding in there? Photo by Anna Potter

How to Make a Spring Wreath

  • Using a moss base, attach your roll of wire by toeing it to the wreath frame. Form small bunches of twigs and the drier foliage and place onto the moss. Wrap your wire just around the stems, until it is fully secure on the base.
  • Continue to layer the bunches, making sure each time that it is securely stuck to the wire. Do this until the wreath is completely covered.
Photo by Anna Potter
  • Tape a thick wire, or a stick, to a plastic test tube of water. Poke through the foliage and press the stick (with the test tube attached) firmly into the moss. The more delicate spring blooms and blossoms can now be placed inside the test tube(s). Just a few stems in each.
  • Continue to fill out the wreath with the spring blooms.
  • Final touches can include feathers, dandelion clocks, ribbons and other seasonal treasures to complete the look.

If you're new to DIY wreath-making, read our step-to-step guide. Want a modern twist? Use a hula hoop as a base. Don't have the time? Opt for our seasonal wreath subscription.

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BerryBaby May 11, 2017
I love fresh flowers by the front door. I've used pots of flowers but remembering to water them sometimes doesn't happen. My solution a big bouquet. I use a decorative pot, a Mason jar, a pot turned upside down inside the decorative pot to give the bouquet height. At Halloween I clean out a huge pumpkin as the can use all kinds of flowers, I cut greens and beautiful Bamboo from the yard. Endless combinations whether a wreath or bouquet. BB
Amanda S. May 10, 2017
This is brilliant.
Anna P. May 11, 2017
Thanks so much Amanda! :)