Preview of Next Week's Themes

October 23, 2009

Next week's themes will be (you can enter beginning Monday):

Your Best Beer Cocktail

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Your Best Brussels Sprouts


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citycook October 29, 2009
My understanding of a beer cocktail is that it is technically beer mixed with liquor, with or without other ingredients. The submissions look great, but many of them aren't really beer cocktails. I don't know if A&M are following the strict definition or not, but it's just something to keep in mind. Good luck everyone!
gregp October 29, 2009
I'm a former bartender, and Citycook, you're right about the definition. However, laypeople tend to think that beer mixed with anything constitutes a beer cocktail. Some of the entries sound great and are very creative, however many others are well known beer based drinks.
eatboutique October 26, 2009
My brussels sprouts came on the stem this week from the farm. Hmm... what to do, what to do... I suppose the basic caramelized version that I do every other night isn't fancy enough for this. Must put my thinking cap on... :)
StellarChef October 25, 2009
Yes!!!! We love brussel sprouts- I have three stalks to work with this week- just in time to submit a recipe! I am so excited!
Janneke V. October 25, 2009
my boyfriend is not happy with the Brussels Sprouts theme, hopefully I can improve his mood with a nice beer cocktail!
Amanda H. October 25, 2009
Or maybe we can convert him to a Brussels sprouts fan with a great recipe.
Jennifer P. October 24, 2009
I just bought some lovely little Brussels sprouts at the greenmarket, so yippee!
Amanda H. October 25, 2009
did they come on the stem? Always makes me feel like I'm hauling around a medieval weapon.
Helen October 25, 2009
I always feel like I'm carrying an edible Christmas tree.
luvcookbooks October 26, 2009
remind me of gladioli