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You May Have Heard About This Nationwide Hot Dog Recall

May 23, 2017

Last Friday, Cincinnati-based John Morrell and Co., the manufacturer of Nathan’s and Curtis-brand hot dogs, issued a voluntary nationwide recall of over 210,000 pounds of its hot dogs. The move was the result of three customers complaining they'd discovered small, flaky scraps of metal in their franks.

These discoveries, thankfully, weren’t accompanied by any documented injuries. But the Food Safety and Inspection Service, a branch of the USDA, was able to isolate the recall to two products, noting that each has an establishment number of “EST. 296” on the side of their packaging.

The affected pair of products are 14 oz. sealed film packages with Nathan’s Skinless 8 Beef Franks with an expiration date of August 19, 2017 and 16 oz. sealed-film packages of Curtis Beef Master Beef Franks with an expiration date of June 15, 2017.

John Morrell is asking customers to throw out these products or ask for a refund, though the company is confident that the problem hasn’t affected any other products. It’s high time for grilling, after all; please be careful as you gear up that grill and bite into that smoky, bronze wiener. I wouldn’t want you to ingest little morsels of metal.

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For more information about the recall, head here.

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702551 May 24, 2017
Sadly, just one of many recalls issued by the USDA.