Get to Know the Charity Food52's Supporting This Year

May 25, 2017

In March, we asked you, our community, to help us decide what charity we’d be supporting this year. In years past, we've been less strategic with our giving, but thanks to your feedback, moving forward we'll be more clearly defining our approach and focusing on one cause per calendar year. A theme of hunger and food insecurity emerged from your suggestions—setting our cause for this year. From the organizations focused on those issues, there was a clear consensus for No Kid Hungry.

Focusing on one cause per calendar year means we’ll be supporting No Kid Hungry in a variety of ways throughout the year, but first, we want to fill you in on what they do. Even if you’re not familiar with the organization, you can probably surmise from the name alone that No Kid Hungry aims to end childhood hunger, but you might not be aware just how serious the issue is—one in six American children suffer from it. As these statistics from their 2016 annual report show, it’s a BIG issue, with ramifications far beyond a missed meal:

  • 13 million American children will face hunger this year.
  • 3 out of 4 public school teachers say that students regularly come to school hungry.
  • 44% of SNAP participants are under the age of 18.
  • 90% of food insecure kids are likely to have their health reported as poor.
  • 66% of low-income families will choose between buying food and paying for medicine.

As No Kid Hungry explains, “Children aren’t hungry because there isn’t enough food to go around or because there are no programs to feed them. The problem is that these programs are failing to reach kids who need them.

The good news is they’re working to change that. Since the launch of No Kid Hungry in 2010, 500 million meals have been served to hungry kids and 3 million fewer children are facing hunger. And their focus isn’t just about getting kids a meal today, it’s about building a long-term, sustainable solution for generations to come. No Kid Hungry is accomplishing that by advocating for necessary policy changes and implementing a variety of programs to help make sure children are getting access to healthy foods where they live, work, and play.

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Ready to get involved?

We’ll be rolling out various initiatives in the months to come, like dedicating a portion of our product sales and running campaigns on-site. In fact, we’re gearing up for our first event and can’t wait to tell you about it very soon. (Hint: Fire up your ovens.)

In the meantime, take the pledge to help end childhood hunger in America and be a part of #TeamNoKidHungry.

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