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The $10 Sparkling Wine Giving Veuve Clicquot a Run for Its Money

June 22, 2017

What's supermarket Lidl's answer to that award-winning rosé from Aldi? A $10 sparkling wine.

Earlier this month, dozens of Champagnes won the Silver Outstanding award at the International Wine & Spirit Competition, like the £50 ($60) Veuve Clicquot 2008 vintage Champagne—as did a surprisingly excellent and affordable competitor from Lidl, the £8 ($10) Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc NV. Lidl itself calls the wine "highly underrated"—though probably not for long.

Produced in Burgundy, France, using the same methods and grape varieties as Champagne production, Lidl’s wallet-friendly wine is flavorful and dry with a “well-integrated fizz.” In the UK, Lidl sells an average of 10,000 bottles of Crémant de Bourgogne Blanc NV a month.

Most importantly, while Aldi’s world-renowned rosé is not yet available in the United States, Lidl’s American answer to Crémant de Bourgogne is its Los Andides Crémant de Loire, another $10 sparkling wine produced in the same method as Champagne, though with a wider variety of grapes. This U.S. version recently won its own impressive accolade—the gold medal at the Indy International Wine Competition.

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So far, Lidl has a number of stateside locations in North and South Carolina and Virginia, with an estimated 100 stores open by the end of summer 2018. That’s great news for Champagne lovers everywhere, especially those of us on a budget.


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Karen Lo

Written by: Karen Lo

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Renee C. June 26, 2017
It is always fun to learn about new product whether or not the availability exists! Hopefully one can always order on the internet!
Tazmin A. June 25, 2017
I don't agree with the comments below. I love love love bubbles! So hearing about this one is great, even though it's not widely available and likely an even later market introduction in Canada where I am. It's always great to get a head's up. Thank you!
Renie June 25, 2017
Why are you publishing articles on something that is available to only a handful of people at this point?
Furmano T. June 25, 2017