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April 29, 2011


Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Squid or Octopus Recipe! For more details and to enter the contest, go here.

  • Walker, Addie, and two delicious baby octopi


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    Robin O'D
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Robin O. May 4, 2011
Cute, cute kids! Hey Rhonda, does Addie look like Luke?
Rhonda35 May 4, 2011
Yes, she does! And she acts just like her mother did at that age! Sometimes I think Walker and Luke have similar features, too. It's all in the expressions, I think.
Rhonda35 May 4, 2011
CUTEST KIDS IN THE WORLD (aside from my own, of course!!)
Kitchen B. May 4, 2011
OMW (Oh My Word), what brave ones you have Amanda. Touching an octopus has been by far the SCARIEST thing I've ever done with food. I think. Squeamish doesn't describe my feelings......
Sodium G. May 3, 2011
I know it won't count, but coming up with an octopus-less octopus recipe for those of us on low sodium diets...hmmm, maybe oyster mushrooms can work! Thanks, ladies, for another mind-stretching contest theme.
mcs3000 May 3, 2011
how can you resist clicking on that pic? the twins are adorable! i third the octopus.
Kristen M. May 2, 2011
Thank you all for your great comments! Who knew this theme would be so polarizing? We just added a photo of two little octopus fans who just might inspire you to overcome any lingering phobias.
Panfusine May 2, 2011
Aww... so adorable...those lil octopi look like they're dipped in chocolate, how do they get that color? (disclaimer: I'm totally ignorant about any food with meat or fish.. lifelong vegetarian..)
drbabs May 2, 2011
Looks like chocolate to me. Are you sure they're really eating octopus?
Ambitious May 2, 2011
I'll admit that I was cringing and making weird faces while trying to cut fresh octopus. But the end result was so good that I didn't mind it so much after I was done. =)
YukariSakamoto May 2, 2011
I just had to share this photo of the eyes of the octopus. My husband is a Japanese fishmonger and we visited an octopus factory in Japan where the octopus are boiled. Check out the top photo of the octopus.

I asked one of the managers his favorite way to eat octopus and his recommendation was to add cooked octopus to Japanese curry rice. Delicious!
Kristen M. May 2, 2011
MadeInMaine May 1, 2011
Gee, looking at the "title photo," my best recipe suggestion would be to take the octopus in hand and toss it back into the briny deep!
Sadassa_Ulna April 30, 2011
Wow, so much to learn about cephelapods. My very limited experience eating them is holding me back from wanting to try cooking them but maybe this will change as these recipes and comments come in.
wssmom April 29, 2011
Massage the octopus for 20 minutes? Heck, the Spouse doesn't even rate a 20-minute (back) massage even after taking out the trash ....
dymnyno April 30, 2011
I have heard of putting the octopus in a cold dryer for a time to tenderize! Actually I love octopus and it's one of my favorite summer dishes.
Summer O. April 29, 2011
Cannot wait! Great theme ladies! I love pulpo.
mrslarkin April 29, 2011
Hmmm...Squidward or Ursula. Well, at least it isn't the "Your Best Sea Cucumber Recipe" which would have been far more, um, challenging.
Panfusine April 29, 2011
OH NO!!! mrslarkin.. I think you just gave the food52 team their next theme!!
Waverly April 29, 2011
Hmmmm. This will be very interesting. Octopus etouffee anyone?
Dabblings April 29, 2011
It's probably good that I'll get a week off for this one due to a lack of being close to ocean waters seeing as I have to focus on charcutepalooza.
pierino April 29, 2011
I'm really sorry I'll be missing this theme because I love cooking cephelapods of all types; squid, cuttlefish, octopus...But I have to be away from my kitchen for a week with no time to write a recipe let alone retest it. But for those of you who will be taking it on, I'd be thinking ink! I've handled them live, one actually bit me.
Hannahbtv April 29, 2011
Your timing is perfect! Newly posted, "Baby Octopus in a Nest of Soba and Snippy SnapPeas" at

A dish inspired by a 3yo sou chef's love of food...

fiveandspice April 29, 2011
Uffdah, I had a very bad experience with raw squid in a sushi restaurant once, and a different but also unfortunate run in with bad baby octopus, so I never feel very compelled to make or eat them. But, I look forward to seeing what others submit because I'm interested how one does it right.
Jennifer P. April 29, 2011
Man, that is one gorgeous photo. Seriously, never would've thought raw squid could be that beautiful. Makes me think about a ceviche, maybe.
ChefJune April 30, 2011
Squid ceviche is a textural dream, Jennifer. I love the way the little tentacles (my favorite part!) take on the flavors of the brine differently from the rings.
cheese1227 May 3, 2011
Wow, ChefJune. It sounds like you've studied this process....
Panfusine April 29, 2011
I'm outta this one, don't have a clue as to what to do!! Pass!