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A Surprising State-by-State Breakdown of the Most Popular Paint Colors

July 11, 2017

Think you could guess which color dominates in your state? Maybe a sunny yellow for California or a cool blue for Washington? Guess again! Paint manufacturer BEHR recently released a state-by-state report on the popular hues people are turning to more often than their neighboring states based on 2016 sales data, and we are pretty thrown by the analysis.

The colorful (literally) infographic below reveals preferences that often reflect the state’s geography and, in some cases (ahem, Oklahoma), sports allegiances.

Photo by BEHR

Erika Woelfel, color expert at BEHR, shared the additional insight:

Washington: Naturalism & Oregon: Conifer Green “Washington and Oregon residents are bringing nature indoors. This pair of Pacific Northwest states epitomizes outdoor adventure, and with moody greens Naturalism and Conifer Green on their walls, residents’ interiors are reminiscent of the lush landscape.”

District of Columbia: Wild Berry “Washington D.C.’s hue, Wild Berry, evokes the same sense of excitement as the District’s annual cherry blossom bloom. This deep, vibrant pink is an optimistic choice for walls—symbolizing positivity and passion and infusing energy into a home.”

New York: Linen White “Home to the Big Apple and studio apartments galore, it’s no surprise that New York favors BEHR’s renter-friendly Linen White. This neutral hue creates a blank canvas for colorful accents, while adding a touch of warmth to a small space.”

It should be noted that neutrals top the list of best-selling Behr hues in every state across the country, but it’s still eye-opening to see what Americans are drawn to once they get over any deep-seated color aversion.

Surprised by the results? Let us know what your state’s preferences are and whether you’re in agreement with some of these vibrant findings.


BuckeyeBeth July 26, 2017
Grey for Ohio?? (Ok, technically Vanity). I guess the Scarlet & Grey Buckeye crowd made this one popular. ;) My problem with it is that it reminds me a little too much of Ohio's dull grey winter sky's.<br />Is the tint of this map fairly accurate? I honestly was expecting some bolder, brighter colors to be the favorites, but then again I've always been a big fan of the brighter tropical colors myself. :)
Winifred R. July 26, 2017
Only the NW and the environment/outdoors? Get a look at the very northeasternmost states, too. The greens there can be a bit brighter and variable, so these colors go with the woods and fields of ME, NH, and VT. Neutrals are great with pops of color, but remember in context. For flower arrangements and forests (evergreen) green is a neutral :-)
pmporter July 26, 2017
I mix my own paints with mineral pigments. I have possibly the only kitchen in NJ that is charcoal gray and I love it.
judy July 12, 2017
Moved from CA to WA. Painted the walls pretty close to the Swiss coffee color. guess I brought Ca with me. the problem with the dark walls, is that , for me they mkae the room look smaller....
PHIL July 11, 2017
Just painted a few rooms in Swiss Coffee, guess I should move to California
Dja123 July 11, 2017
Spiced potpourri? I've never seen that coler anywhere in PA. I'm not agreeing.
Lindsay-Jean H. July 11, 2017
I can't approve of Michigan's preference, but I can confirm that when we bought our house there was a fair amount of burgundy to paint over.