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We're a Little in Love with Coca-Cola's Summer Ad Campaign

July 13, 2017

Earlier this week, Coca-Cola rolled out its summer ad campaign, “Coca-Cola: A Tune for Every Name.” It’s a collection of over 1,000 songs for 1,000 different names commonly found across the country. These bops and bangers were the brainchild of Fitz & Co and Score a Score, who, together, corralled nine singers and composed 25 different songs.

This latest personalized jingle campaign is an extension of Coca-Cola’s original “Share-a-Coke” campaign initially launched 2014, wherein they created cans emblazoned with various names. It’s quite simple: Just type your name into the site’s search bar and, if you’re so lucky, a song just for you will show up. (You can also scroll through the trove of videos on the campaign’s YouTube channel.)

The songs implore listeners to share an ice cold Coke with anyone with any given name—Yadira, Ali. Such surnames as Nguyen, Patel, Estrada. It’s wonderful, of course, to see a good number of names represented. If you’re on the list, I won’t deprive you of participating in this thrilling act of vanity.

But for those of us whose names aren’t as ubiquitous, ones that are oft-misspelled or mispronounced, well, I’m afraid this soda campaign is yet another arena in which we can’t have it all. When I type in “Mayukh,” I’m instead met with the voice of a man peppily singing sorry to me, telling me that there’s always next year. (There are various permutations of the “Sorry” song, some morose and funereal, others cheery and encouraging.)

Bummer. Until next year indeed. I’ll be waiting.

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Hana A. July 13, 2017
Of course there isn't one for Hana, but Hannah's is super Zooey Deschanel vibes (and I'm okay with it):
Olivia B. July 13, 2017
Mine is an R&B slow jam. Seems fitting.