Cinco de Mayo!

May  3, 2011

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    Sasha (Global Table Adventure)
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RonMalibu May 5, 2011
I could eat a whole tree worth of chocolate bark right now, and drown it in a sea of margaritas. Great photos!
wm1 May 4, 2011
About dry spices; it is difficult to compare dry spices with fresh ingredients. How fresh are your spices and did you toast them before grinding? As to ground or grind your own spices, I say it depends on the spice. Also grinding hot spices can be a bit dangerous, (do not scratch your eyes). I get both kinds at an online juliet mae spices. Not to expensive and if you ask, they will blend to your specific order. What is important is that you like the process of making the food as well as eating. Recipes calling for spices that cost 50$ takes the fun out for me but sometimes there are blends that are less cost and almost as good.
STC May 4, 2011
I'm going to try the macarons--the combination looks wonderful and it will be a nice change from the sopapillas or churros I usually make for Cinco de Mayo!
boulangere May 3, 2011
That Fish Salpicon looks fantastic! Just happen to have some leftover tilapia . . . .
Sasha (. May 3, 2011
I am all about the Fish Taco. Grilled is even better.