Twitter Thought Chrissy Teigen Didn't Know What Galangal Was

August 14, 2017

Chrissy Teigen, model turned actress turned chef and cookbook author, felt the weight of the digital divide this weekend. After crowdsourcing opinions for a recipe slated to appear in her upcoming cookbook, Teigen had to fend off Twitter users who attacked her supposed lack of knowledge.

The tweet in question:

As expected, tweeters were quick to condemn Teigen for her poll’s third option. One user even invited Gordon Ramsey into the discussion. What many failed to realize is that Teigen, best selling cookbook author, is actually half Thai and well aware of what galangal is (sit down, Ramsey). Thus, her response to the vitriol:

For the culinarily curious among us, galangal is a root commonly used in Thai, Indonesian, and Malaysian cooking. Its piney and peppery notes lend complexity to curries, soups, and sweets. Here at Food52, we’ve been grating it into recipes for years.

After all this, people still came for Teigen, questioning her expertise. One woman went so far as to denounce the cookbook as a relevant genre. As an avid cookbook lover, reader and collector, I disagree with Miss Johnna’s sentiment and applaud Teigen’s clapback:

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Kim August 16, 2017
Thank you TMZ for update.
unfollowing you. I don't care about this woman's nasty twitter posts. Christys tweets make her look like a twit and you do too for defending it.
James P. August 16, 2017
Funny enough, now you sound like the twit!
piggledy March 9, 2019
I don’t understand you. What is nasty about her tweets? She has defended herself from the nasty tweets of others toward her, with remarkable restraint. Tho I have not yet tried her recipes, I certainly intend to - if Food 52 considers her recipes good enough to feature them, they must be pretty good!
jlg84 August 15, 2017
Someone at Food52 really needs to start editing these posts. "It's" is misused in this (and so many other...) Food52 posts.