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Ice Cream Now Comes By the Slice

September 13, 2017

Things that are delicious and come by the slice: pizza, cheesecake, quiche. Well, we'll add to that list the coldest and creamiest confection, because sliced ice cream is now a thing.

Lezzetli, which means delicious in Turkish, bills itself as 'mediterranean' ice cream and draws from the Turkish tradition of thicker, more elastic, chewier ice creams. They’ve been garnering attention all summer at their stall at Smorgasburg, the Brooklyn-based outdoor food fair.

The presentation is something to behold. First, the server cuts a slice off of what appears to be a giant ice cream log. They then stack the ice cream patties on a plate and drizzle or sprinkle a variety of garnishes over the top. Ice cream flavors vary from vanilla to cherry to chocolate orange blossom, while toppings include rose syrup, crushed pistachios, cherry preserves, and a particularly otherworldly presentation of Turkish cotton candy (which looks like the lovechild of halvah and the sugary fluorescent fair ground dessert I enjoyed as a kid). The result is a lush architectural masterpiece, a jenga tower of milky proportions.

A slice is nice! Sliced Chios Vanilla ice cream topped with rose syrup and toasted coconut, only at @smorgasburg #smorgasburg #icecreambonanza

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With summer over, they’ve forfeited their Smorgasburg spot, but that doesn’t mean the end of sliceable ice cream. Pick up Lezzetli pints in grocery stores around the Tri-state area and try your hand at slicing and stacking at home.

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What do you think about a thicker, sliceable ice cream? Would you buy or try? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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BerryBaby September 19, 2017
It looks very neat but I enjoy a dripping cone.
Saffron3 September 13, 2017
I would very much enjoy a heavier ice cream to slice. Already I slice down a pint into slices, serve with fruit, sauce, etc. It looks nice on a plate.