• 25 Weirdest Food Names
  • Photo by Kimberley Hasselbrink (Bon Appetit). Front cake photo by Tara O'Brady/SevenSpoons.net

Brew that coffee! Pour that OJ! And settle in this morning to catch up on what's happening in the world of food. Here's what we're reading (and watching) this week.

• "Waiter, I'll have the...what?!": 25 Weirdest Food Names (Bon Appetit)

• Can you believe it's already time for A Brief History of Food Blogs? According to Saveur, it is, and we're glad to have made the lineage. (Saveur)

• A box of these would be, undoubtedly, hours of fun: Chocolate Mountains (designed to mimic volcanoes)! Cool enough for us -- and our wee friends. (Cool Hunting)

  • 2 Jars of Roasted Red Peppers  Italian Chicken Salad
  • Photo by Marguerite Noteware (Starting in December).

• We were kicking around how to put a roast chicken to work, and amidst our own recipe proposals, stumbled upon this Italian Chicken Salad: dress your leftover roast chicken in Valentino. (Starting in December)

• The world's most inglorious waste of time: a traffic jam. Your expensive bluefish fillets, quietly wrapped in parchment, rest in your trunk ... for over an hour. Can you lather them with mustard and broil them once you walk in the door? Will this kill your family? You can foodpickle it, but now the government can come to the rescue too: Food Safety on Your Smartphone courtesy of the USDA. (USDA)

• Good news in the crusade to fill cafeteria trays with real food: Bronx Charter School Makes Eating Well Part of Its Philosophy. (City Room: The New York Times)

• We couldn't have said it better ourselves: "Wholly Cow!" writes the Wall Street Journal. We couldn't turn away from this video where a few brave North Carolinians take nose-to-tail out back to their grill. 

Video by The Wall Street Journal.


Sasha (. May 16, 2011
That cow... wow.
Amanda H. May 15, 2011
Love Tara O'Brady's cake photo.