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Watch Ellen and Oprah's Hilarious Supermarket Takeover

October  6, 2017

Earlier this week, TV’s favorite daytime prankster, Ellen DeGeneres, embarked on a madcap romp through a local grocery store. Joining her was none other than fellow media mogul and prepared food entrepreneur Oprah Winfrey.

The video is a delight. The two seem to have an inherent chemistry; Oprah provides a shy, giggly foil to Ellen’s crass, absurd humor. Take a peek at their adventures:

Both stars acknowledge right off the bat that neither of them spend much time in grocery stores (oh, the price of fame!). Winfrey says she hasn’t shopped since Thanksgiving of 2016, meanwhile DeGeneres mentions not visiting a supermarket in “years.” The comedienne sets the tone for their jaunt with a series of produce-centric innuendos, which elicits both embarrassment and glee from Winfrey.

Multi-talented Winfrey recently launched a line of healthy comfort foods, vegetable-laden takes on classic home-cooked recipes. She and DeGeneres grab an armful of the new "O, That’s Good!” products and head to the register. But not before offering to pay for a fellow shopper's groceries and cook her samples from the newly minted food line. In a follow up video DeGeneres and Winfrey bustle around the unsuspecting shopper's kitchen. DeGeneres spoonfeeds the woman a taste of O, That’s Good! cauliflower mashed potatoes, while Winfrey watches incredulously. The woman seems to enjoy what she tastes, even if she does appear a little caught off guard.

I, for one, would definitely not complain if I ran into these two at my local grocery store. They most definitely know how to have a good time.

Does the duo seem diligent or distracted? Let us know if you would join them on a shopping excursion below.

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alixe October 12, 2017

yikes, i found this PAINFUL ... beloved ladies, where are you going with this?
SophieL October 12, 2017
This is so hilarious, I was laughing out loud! I enjoy going to the grocery store and hope someday I, too, will run into Ellen and Oprah. Too funny!
Leigh A. October 10, 2017
I would totally go shopping with those two. They could help keep the baby entertained!
BerryBaby October 6, 2017
I love grocery shopping and always go alone. Fun watching them. Sure, I'd be up for shopping with them. I play grocery games with people without them knowing it. People are hilarious without even trying. The grocery store is very entertaining!