7 Stylish Menorahs to Celebrate Hanukkah

October 31, 2017
Photo by Bobbi Lin

Hanukkah is known as the Festival of Lights, and is observed by lighting the menorah for the eight nights of the holiday. Hanukkah is also observed by giving presents, of course, but that's hardly the point: The point is the light. And you can't have the light without the menorah.

Luckily, the cheesy Judaica of our youth now has an alternative in modern design. These menorahs are sophisticated and creative, and pretty enough that you'll want to use them as candelabras all year long... or at least they'll give you something to look forward to every year (in addition to presents).

Here are our favorite modern menorahs from our Shop and across the internet:

This brass menorah is made of nine individual candleholders, each scored individually to represent the eight nights of Hanukkah—a subtle but elegant detail.

Made in Italy, this handcrafted alabaster menorah is a modern take on an ancient vibe: The strong stone recalls architecture of Jerusalem, while the details—mirror-polished metal accents—give it a distinctly contemporary feel.

While terracotta is technically a ceramic, this isn't the clay menorah you made in Hebrew school. The clean lines and simple design play against this incredibly old material, and adds a sense of history and tradition to this menorah.

A Food52 exclusive, this marble-and-wood piece is a study in rustic minimalism. The warm walnut wood base anchors a thin slab of cool Vermont green marble that’s made to hold slimmer 3/8-inch candles, for an overall understated experience.

Photo by Modern Mensch

A bagel-shaped menorah sounds, well, tacky. But this Jeff Koons-inspired bagel-shaped menorah is anything but. Bright, shiny, and hefty, it's a fun statement piece that you can keep on the mantel long after December.

Photo by Studio Armadillo

The ultimate modular menorah, this tangram menorah can take on any shape you desire. Keep it in the square tray for a contained experience, or create a different shape every night.

Photo by MoMA

Menorahs are brought out once a year, and once a year only... except this menorah, which is designed for year-round candle enjoyment. Together, these exceptional glass candleholders make a beautiful menorah; separately, they're stylish and multi-functional.

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