15 Stylish Menorahs to Celebrate Hanukkah

Traditional, modern, intricate—there's something for everyone.

November 12, 2021
Photo by Rocky Luten

Hanukkah, or the Festival of Lights, is observed by lighting the menorah for the eight nights during the holiday. And by feasting and giving presents, of course, but that's hardly the point: The point is the light. And you can't have the light without the menorah.

Luckily, the cheesy Judaica of our youth now has a modern alternative. These menorahs are sophisticated, creative, and pretty enough that you'll want to use them as candelabras all year long—or at least they'll give you something to look forward to every year (in addition to presents).

Here are 15 of our favorite modern menorahs to celebrate Hanukkah.

Photo by Nordstrom

1. Via Maris Block Menorah, $225

Since Hanukkah is only eight days after all, your menorah will likely spend a good chunk of time in storage. This version is perfect for that, as it can be separated into two parts and the base acting as a storage compartment with enough room for 44 candles.

Photo by Havenly

2. Sin Stacked Menorah Collection, $110

SIN is known for its stunning lighting and sculptural candle holders already, so a menorah is only fitting. Each of these minimalist ceramic pieces are handcrafted in Brooklyn, so the organic speckled finish is unique on each.

Photo by Etsy

3. ColoriCrafts Wooden Hanukkah Candle Holder, $27

If it were any time other than Hanukkah, these wooden candle holders would blend in with the rest of your decor. Group some on the dining table, scatter a few on a bookshelf, and when it comes time for the holiday, you can arrange them back together into a menorah. The Etsy seller also points out that the unfinished beech wood is perfect for staining, engraving, or painting, should you want to customize them.

Photo by Mark Weinberg

4. Style Union Home Handmade Ceramic Shana Menorah, $270

Nontraditional is certainly the word to describe this ceramic menorah, but that works in its favor, as it’s designed to stay out all year round as a candelabra on a mantle or windowsill.

Photo by Maisonette

5. Modern Mensch Nosh Menorah, $200 $140

Reminiscent of a bagel much? This gorgeous arched menorah is certainly a statement, so if you do nothing else for Hanukkah, this is sure to bring some light and cheer.

Photo by Rocky Luten

6. JK Adams Vermont Marble & Walnut Menorah, $100

The combination of marble and walnut will never get old, and so neither will this menorah when you bring it out year after year. The slab of veined Vermont marble slides into the wood base and holds the nine standard candles.

Photo by Target

7. Threshold Modern Menorah, $25

This affordable menorah is the perfect gift for a new home or a first-time celebrator of Hanukkah. It doesn’t skimp on style either—with the black finish and wood base, it will coordinate with any home decor.

Photo by Bed Bath & Beyond

8. Iron Menorah in Gold Plated Finish, $32+

Brass has been (and probably will continue to be) a very popular finish for all kinds of hardware in homes. This menorah combines a trendy brass finish with some more traditional lines, meaning it’ll be loved for years to come.

Photo by Ty Mecham

9. Blackthorne Forge Hand-Forged Iron Menorahs, $260+

Hand forged by a blacksmith in Vermont? Why yes, they are. There are two different designs too—one with a delicately curved base, and a taller one with cleaner lines.

Photo by MoMa Design Store

10. Logifaces Menorah, $72+

Menorah meets modern art… but actually. Go ahead and place the colorful blocks next to each other to form a continuous surface—there are endless arrangements to create with the Logifaces Menorah.

Photo by Traditions Jewish Gifts

11. American Art Studio Brass Sculptural Menorah, $109.95

We love the intricate look of this menorah because it's detailed like a more traditional one, but still has a modern shape and a brass finish.

Photo by West Elm

12. Pretti.Cool Menorah Terrazzo, $125

We love how art deco shape dresses up the understated terrazzo.

Photo by The Citizenry

13. Herrera Marble Workshop Puebla Marble Menorah Set, $275

Similar to some of the other menorahs in this roundup, the individual pieces of this matte black marble one mean you can spread them around disguised as regular candle holders for the rest of the year.

Photo by Julia Gartland

14. Apeloig Modern Lucite Menorah, $410

Though the lines are clean and modern, this menorah might be the most traditional of the bunch, because it has nine metal cups for oil-cup candles, plus an extra piece for the shamash. And after Hanukkah? Sprinkle a few fresh flowers inside.

Photo by CB2

15. Jennifer Fisher Architectural Menorah Candle Holder, $149 $119

A handmade brass menorah that’s this sleek and chic? Leave it out all year round, why don’t you?

This post was updated in November 2021 with brand-new stylish menorahs for Hanukkah.

What are your special traditions for the Festival of Lights? Let us know below!

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