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3 Simple Tips For Fixing Broken Salad Dressing

December  8, 2017

The words "hassle-free holiday trick" are music to our ears. We partnered with Delta® Faucet to announce their newest addition to the kitchen, ShieldSpray™ Technology. It makes holiday cleanup easy by keeping the splashing contained, so we're free to entertain more. And we're celebrating by sharing our favorite make-ahead sauces that'll add that something extra to all your holiday dinner parties.

Salad dressing is simple enough to give any home cook a little grief: Is it thick enough? Thin enough? Is the oil to vinegar ratio right? Is it salted well? Did it emulsify like it should?

You get the point.

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This uncertainty can easily manifest in a broken salad dressing. Reasons my salad dressings have broken in the past include (but are not limited to) because I was focused on too many other things that required more attention, or I cast it off until the last minute then rushed it, or I was simply too focused on the dressing and I overthought the whole thing. But swat that stress away, because you can always truly bring a salad dressing back from the brink of ruin.

Broken salad dressing isn't the end of dinner. A little water can fix just about anything, especially if you've got Delta Faucet ShieldSpray™ technology to avoid spraying it on yourself. Photo by Mark Weinberg

Whether it's about flavor or structure, fixing a bad salad dressing situation isn't so hard; here's our tips.

  • Ditch the bowl for a jar—it helps emulsify oil and vinegar with ease, and you get to do a little dance while you shake. Always do the little dance. You will not regret it.
  • If the shake doesn't work, add an extra emulsifier. Think mustard, peanut butter, tahini, honey, egg yolk. It all works!
  • Not quite there? All you have to do is thin it out with a little water. This should help the emulsifying. Then more shakes!

After you dress, salt, and pepper your salad, give it a little toss (with tongs or hands, they both work) and serve it up. Need a visual primer? Take a peek at the video to see our tips in action.

We partnered with Delta® Faucet to celebrate their newest addition to the kitchen, ShieldSpray™ Technology. It allows hosts seamless cleanup (be gone, stubborn food specks) without making an even bigger mess (thanks to an innovative shield of water that surrounds the water jet). And all that means more time with guests—plus less time soaking, scrubbing, and shirt swapping.

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AntoniaJames December 26, 2017
Helpful tips for making in the first place a vinaigrette that won't separate (spoiler alert: don't throw all the ingredients in a jar and shake them, as it will almost certainly break . . .

but if using a big bowl seems like too much work, just pour the dressing you don't need into a jar, and use that large bowl for your salad). ;o)