Five-Minute Clutter Cures for a Neat New Year

January  3, 2018
Photo by Bobbi Lin

With 2018 upon us, we've turned our attention toward refreshing our homes to keep up with the march of time. To prevent this yearly ritual from getting tedious and time-consuming, we decided to brainstorm a few inventive solutions to make decluttering at least a touch more fast and fun. After all, cleaning isn't necessarily a chore—it can be a chance to truly innovate your living experience.

Step one: Clean up!

Simply getting your home into a presentable shape is always the first challenge to face. It's always a little sad to see the pile of used paper towels in your garbage when you've finished putting in your elbow grease, so we like to clean sustainably. There are plenty of unexpected ways to reuse; take our ingenious washable pot scrubbers. You might never think a deep cleaner like these could be reusable, but their handmade woven nylon material is itself easy-to-clean—just throw them in the wash!

Step two: Get your stuff together

Time to figure what you do and do not want to keep around, and then to organize it all. Rather than stack everything into boxes to shove into a closet, why not take a new tack? One inventive element we're in love with is magnetic storage and decoration. You need not know how magnets work to take advantage of their unobtrusive effectiveness. Items like our magnetic wood knife block and magnetic photo bar are an elegant, clever, and efficient way to minimize the space you use up holding onto your most useful and well-loved possessions.

Step Three: Make Your Space Pretty

"In with the new" is a motto we stand by; picking up a watercolor at a yard sale is nice, but why not go modern for some of your decor? Pick up those clothes you've left draped on a chair (or the floor...) and place them quickly and easily on a humble yet stylish clothing rack. Or gather up all those well-worn magazines and paperbacks with a similarly minimalist storage basket. You'll be able to hang on to everything you want to keep without tripping over any of it.

What are your favorite tricks for renewing your home environment? Let us know below!

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Gerard Coletta

Written by: Gerard Coletta