Feast Your Eyes

June  3, 2011


STC June 3, 2011
I grew asparagus when we lived in Connecticut and once it started to come in...oh so much to figure recipes for! But these definitely would be ones to keep in my file for future gardens!
Ladystiles June 3, 2011
Wow! I am so excited that you liked my dish! Thank you!
fiveandspice June 3, 2011
These are lovely, and boy are they making me especially want to eat asparagus with aioli in various forms! Who knew you could aioli asparagus in so many ways?! :)
Burnt O. June 3, 2011
This is easily one of my favorite posts of the week. Such amazing photography on this site! I often think it would mean as much, or more to be featured here, than to win a contest. Thanks for the inspiration and aspiration.
EmilyC June 3, 2011
I agree -- keep these posts coming! The talent on this site is incredible.