How These Feng Shui Tips Will Bring You (& Your Home) a Sense of Calm Right Now

January 19, 2018

Sometimes you might feel a little bit uncomfortable at home, but you can’t seem to put your finger on why. Your layout and decor have a big impact on the overall energy of your home, which is why so many people swear by ancient Chinese feng shui principles. After all, if you could be more attuned to your space and feel more relaxed, wouldn’t you want to give it a try?

While having a feng shui master over to sort out your home's optimal energy with a traditional bagua map would be helpful, you can also start right now by applying some guiding elements to bring better balance and harmony into your living space and, by extension, your mind. Here are four easy ways you can improve the flow of your home, and bring peace and clarity for a more calming environment. (Just in time for the weekend...)

1. Reposition Your Bed to Face the Door

Having trouble sleeping? Try repositioning your bed so you can see the door. This small adjustment can help you feel more at ease, making it easier to catch some z's. “The best position for a bed is so that when you’re lying in the bed, you could see the door,” Laura Benko, a holistic feng shui expert, explains. “It all boils down to tapping into these primordial energies of feeling safe, feeling empowered, feeling in charge, and in command,” Benko continues. “The most ideal position is to be in the far left or far right from the entrance of the bedroom.”

2. Bring Wood and Plants into the Bathroom

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A lot of people focus their feng shui efforts in main living areas, but your bathroom might also be in need of some harmonizing. On her blog, feng shui expert Ann Bingley Gallops explains you can make your bathroom more harmonious and inviting by focusing on balance. For instance, there’s a lot of draining water in the bathroom, and you can balance out this draining movement with wood elements and “assertive yang features” like lush, healthy plants.

3. Get Rid of Clutter ASAP

It may sound like common sense, but the pile of papers on your coffee table and random knickknacks on your shelves can be a big drain on both your home and your mind. You can easily make your space more welcoming and relaxing by clearing away the physical clutter (easier said than done sometimes, we can relate)."One of the easiest feng shui principles to remember is to not let clutter accumulate in your living room or in any room for that matter," expert Laura Cerrano explained to My Domaine. "Science has proven the negative mental and physical effect excess clutter has on the human mind and body. Whatever you do not need, use, or love, let it go."

4. Use Mirrors to Add Light and Movement

Mirrors are a valuable tool to bring light and positive energy into otherwise dark spaces. Ann Bingley Gallops recommends placing mirrors in long hallways and in spots where they’ll reflect nature, thereby bringing the healthy Chi energy indoors. However, it’s important to use whole mirrors—not fragmented ones—hung in a way that allows you to see your head and shoulders, as this will properly reflect your aura. We know what we'll be doing this weekend.

Would you try any of these feng shui principles in your home? Let us know what you do to restore balance in your home.

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Glenn T. January 23, 2018
I certainly know the mirror trick works. I had mirrors all over my house. I am in the process of moving and the mirrors are all gone. Now I know what a difference they made and how much I miss them. Yes, I will try the bed to the door and plants in the bathroom but not over the tub!
Aileen January 19, 2018
I'm having trouble reconciling this article with: https://food52.com/blog/21226-diversity-update
It seems a little like appropriation.