13 Fresh, Uncluttered Spaces That Will Inspire You to Deep Clean Your Home

January 22, 2018

Welcome to Spring Clean Your Life, your one-stop shop for gotta-try-those tips & bookmark-me inspiration to spruce up your kitchen and home this season—and well beyond.

You might be reading this from the comforts of your warm and cozy, hygge-fied home, but before you know it, it'll be that time of year again. You know, the one where you swing all your windows wide open to get your space clean and ready for spring. Except, who’s really motivated to do that? It’s so much easier to just stay snuggled up on the couch than to find a reason to clear out cupboards, wash windows, and scrub floors.

If you’re in need of some inspiration that will make you want to deep clean your home for the new year (or at least bookmark for the forthcoming spring), we’ve got just the thing. Check out these bright, clutter-free (but not personality-free) interiors—if they don’t get you in the mood to start tidying up just a little, nothing will!

The calm before the storm. 🦃 Thanks for the art @eclarkart 🤗

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We have serious workspace envy, just look at that clutter-free desk. The fresh flowers. Everything about this makes us want to clean up the home office.

Who among us doesn’t dream of a totally clear kitchen counter? You can do it! Clean up those dishes, file those piles of papers, and stash away the unused appliances for a beautifully uncluttered kitchen like this one.

How welcoming is this rustic foyer? Entryways are always a magnet for shoes, bags, umbrellas, toys, and more, but just think of how welcoming yours would be if it were all clean and polished.

Everyone loves a #shelfie Are you guys as into this simple, textured one as we are?

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Shelves often attract clutter; it takes a trained eye to make it look intentionally styled. But if you clear away all the random knickknack and unwanted junk, your shelves can become a beautifully simple focal point for any room.

This nook is so serene and calming. It’s the perfect spot to sit down with a book and a cup of coffee to clear your head.

The high ceilings. The Dutch door. The natural light! Everything about this foyer is bright and airy—and it makes us want to tidy up our own entryway.

Just think about how wonderful it would feel to have the spring sunshine illuminating your newly cleaned living area. Capture that mental image, and break out your dusting cloth.

The flourishing plants and rattan accents make this entryway gentle and inviting.

Many of today’s interior design feature a lot of white, but there’s something so cheery about bringing color into a home. The light blue walls and pink cushions give this space a little extra personality—and make us want to take a trip to the paint store.

Here’s another great workspace we’d love to call our own. A clutter-free desk (especially if it's functional with drawers) is possible if you set your mind to it.

While a white couch may not be the first option if you have kids or pets, you can still get inspired from this minimalistic living room. Every piece of decor is purposeful, and it all melds together so effortlessly.

A clean, white bathroom certainly doesn't need to feel sterile. Bringing in a bit of greenery and gold accents (while keeping other accessories to a minimum) lend warmth in a little oasis of a space.

Last, but certainly not least, a drop-dead gorgeous beachy dining room that will have you dreaming of summer. You may not have that killer view, but your own dining area could harness the same serene, seaside vibes.

Do these images have you reaching for the vacuum and dust rags? Share your favorite images for clutter-free, homey spaces with us.

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Nancy F. January 18, 2019
Where did you purchase the turquoise broom shown on the intro pic for this blog? I had one once but can’t find them any more!! Thanks!
lisa April 13, 2018
Does anyone LIVE in these spaces?
brid January 24, 2018
Some of us like the memorabilia and possessions that echo our families and their lives. So all this bareness and lack of personal things is a big turn off to me.
Safstar January 23, 2018
These are all very beautiful, and I understand that we are meant to be inspired and apply similar techniques in our homes, but I get a bit tired of seeing interiors that are unobtainable - all those huge rooms and hallways are a long way from a normal room size in the UK, and I wonder how many of the Food52 'every kitchen should have this' items would fit in my kitchen if I kept all my shelves bare! Very pretty article but sadly I feel more alienated than inspired.
Lisa T. January 22, 2018
These are perfection but with that, also lack some interest. I feel like I'm looking at showrooms. Sorry, to be negative.