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June  3, 2011

Your Best Street Food

Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Street Food! For more details and to enter the contest, go here

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Panfusine June 6, 2011
There are so many fabulous entries for this weeks contest.. Amanda & Merill, you guys should consider coming out with another cookbook on just this theme 'the best street foods of the world'.. it would be a best seller!
Omeghan June 5, 2011
I sure am hoping that someone posts a receipe for "michigan hotdog sauce" as what they serve on "les michigans" at Lafleurs in Montreal ( steamed hot dogs with a meaty sauce )

Very similar to a Coney Island hotdog sauce.
Droplet June 4, 2011
Whatever it is that is peeking from the brown paper in the photo looks so very good. Would you be willing to let us know what exactly it is? Thank you :).
Kristen M. June 6, 2011
Trade secret -- very hush hush. Actually, to be honest, it's just a nice ciabatta roll! We're expecting much more exciting submissions from all of you.
mrslarkin June 3, 2011
savory or sweet or either?
Kristen M. June 6, 2011
dymnyno June 3, 2011
This sounds like fun. Is the object of the contest to copy our favorite vendor or to invent a recipe that we would love to sell from our "own" cart. In other words are we being copycats or inventing a new great original recipe street food?
Panfusine June 3, 2011
thank you dymnyno for bringing this up, I'd love to hear Food52's response & opinions..
I'd like to think that this theme is a tribute to the street foods that we have already been exposed to.. Since street food invariably has a story behind it (where, how & what season etc..) it would be nice to read about it in the headnotes. kinda gives it the 'authenic' stamp.
francesca G. June 3, 2011
Hi all -- the idea is to give us your best street food recipe and that can be inspired by one you've loved in the past or dreamt up today! Either way, it should remind us of something we would stop, drop, and eat for.
aargersi June 3, 2011
Stop, Drop and Eat. I LOVE that!
boulangere June 3, 2011
Fabulous idea!
pierino June 3, 2011
I suggested this a long time ago. And now I'm just flipping out happy! Can't wait to see what comes out of this. It will be big fun.
fiveandspice June 3, 2011
Ooooh! I think this might be the most excited I've been for a contest yet! I can't wait to see everyone's submissions.
Panfusine June 3, 2011
As undignified as it sounds I'm one kneel short of throwing my hands up & screaming my thanks!!
aargersi June 3, 2011
THIS one sounds FUN! Can't wait to see all of the stuff everyone comes up with!!!!!