The Most Popular Super Bowl Recipes by State, According to Google

February  1, 2018

The Super Bowl, as I’m sure you know by now, is the most watched televised event in the United States. People across the country will be flipping on their cable boxes and tuning in for some good ol’ American fun. Last year, 111 million people watched the New England Patriots take home the title.

It’s thrilling to consider, that many people partaking in the same activity at the same time. Over the course of a few hours, so many of us are united, bound by the television’s glow. For all this talk of collectivity, however, we are still a nation divided: I’m talking about Super Bowl foods. As people prepare for their Sunday night parties, Google has been amassing all the data from food-related searches and put together this list of the most popular Super Bowl snacks by state.

The spread is impressive. Chili comes in as the nation’s most popular recipe, topping the list in 10 states, while other recipes appear only once and feel particularly localized, like Arizona’s green chicken enchiladas or Rhode Island’s baked ziti. A few left me stumped. What, for example, are swaths of Kentuckians doing googling fondue recipes for Super Bowl Sunday? Don’t get me wrong, I love a good fondue, but it seems a bit involved. Regardless, here is the full list:

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Alabama: Chicken

Alaska: Dill-pickle dip with dried beef

Arizona: Green chicken enchiladas

Arkansas: Five-bean chili

California: Fried rice

Colorado: Baked chicken wings

Connecticut: Buffalo-chicken dip

Delaware: Stuffed peppers

District of Columbia: Pizza bites

Florida: Shrimp

Georgia: Ham, bologna, and turkey subs

Hawaii: Nachos

Idaho: Potatoes

Illinois: Philly cheesesteaks

Indiana: Chicken

Iowa: Stromboli

Kansas: Calzones

Kentucky: Fondue

Louisiana: Pork tenderloin

Maine: Chicken wings

Maryland: Chili

Massachusetts: Chili

Michigan: Chili

Minnesota: Chili

Mississippi: Green beans with beef broth

Missouri: Chili

Montana: Bacon shrimp

Nebraska: Cream cheese–jalapeño hamburger

Nevada: Potatoes

New Hampshire: Chicken wings

New Jersey: Buffalo-chicken dip

New Mexico: Ranch-spinach dip

New York: Chili

North Carolina: Jalapeño poppers

North Dakota: Pizza sauce

Ohio: Philly cheesesteaks

Oklahoma: French onion dip

Oregon: Clam chowder

Pennsylvania: Chili

Rhode Island: Baked ziti

South Carolina: Crab dip

South Dakota: Marinara sauce

Tennessee: Jalapeño poppers

Texas: Chili

Utah: Jalapeño poppers

Vermont: Chicken-breast tenders

Virginia: Buffalo-chicken dip

Washington: Jalapeño poppers

West Virginia: Pork carnitas tacos

Wisconsin: Chili

Wyoming: Ground beef

Where does your home state land? Tell us if you agree with the top pick in the comments below.

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Katherine July 13, 2018
Hey, I am shocked, as a person born and raised in the Chicago area, why Philly Cheese Steak when there are national treasures like Italian Beef (Parillo's for one) and, good grief, Chicago has got to be the pizza capital of the world. Sorry New York. I've lived all over this great land and I've done my research. How can it possibly be Cheese Steak, good though it might be?
kate February 3, 2018
It's true that no one in Chicago is googling how to make a Chicago style hot dog, but that doesn't mean that a Philly cheese steak is our first choice for football food. Maybe reword that headline?
Emily February 4, 2018
I imagine there were a lot of non-Patriot fans across the country Googling Philly cheese steaks this year.
Mike S. February 1, 2018
I want to know more about Mississippi's green beans with beef broth.
Leigh February 2, 2018
Mississippi here. That’s gotta be a joke, or very rude . . . We eat the BEST bbq. But it’s a secret . . .
And the rest of this looks pretty suspicious. . .
Ollie W. February 1, 2018
Illinois: Cheesesteaks; Pennsylvania: Chili - how curious
AntoniaJames February 1, 2018
Fried rice, yes! California, I love you so much. ;o)
Maureen February 1, 2018
I have to admit I find fried rice hard to believe!