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Yes, Velvet Home Accents Can Work for Spring!

March  8, 2018

So many people called it a fad, and we can’t help but smile because the velvet trend is still going strong. We normally associate this soft, tactile fabric as lending a warm touch during the colder months, but we can easily see velvet giving your home a spring revival through light and cheerful accents.

Picture this: The spring sunlight falls in through your window onto the pastel velvet chair that’s perched in the corner of your living room. Maybe there’s a lightweight blanket thrown over the edge of the chair, and on the couch, there’s another velvet throw pillow that pulls the whole room together. Are you in love yet?

If that mental picture doesn’t do it for you, maybe these amazing Instagrams will. Here are some of our favorite plush velvet accents that will serve as our spring decorating inspiration.

1. A Regal, Hot Pink Accent Chair

Is it a chair? Or a mermaid throne? The bold pink velvet chair would be an amazing conversation piece in your living room—we’re picturing it opposite a simple white couch with some pastel throw pillows.

2. A Plush Peach Settee

Heart be still! This peach settee is simply glorious, from the velvet upholstery to the tufted cushion and antique legs. Don’t you just love the contrast of the pinky peach fabric and green plants around it?

3. A Richly Colored Side Chair

While pastel velvet accents are certainly a favorite, there’s also something to be said about bold jewel tones. Everything about this interior is so chic and welcoming, and the velvet chair lends a wonderful pop of color.

4. Delicate Baby Blue Seats

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Light blue is an underused decor color, don’t you think? These plush velvet chairs are bright and cheery, and they bring a sense of light into the room—perfect for welcoming longer, brighter days.

5. Pea Green Throw Pillows

Doesn’t this room just scream spring? The green velvet is so fresh, and reminds us that spring peas are just around the corner. The pink rug is a potential scene-stealer, though.

6. Festive Fuzzy Easter Eggs

Back in October, velvet pumpkins kept popping up everywhere, and now we have the latest iteration of that trend: velvet Easter eggs! Are these not the sweetest?

7. Cozy Pink Couches

And the award for the most wonderfully pink interior design goes to… From the cozy velvet couches to the floor poufs and accent pillows, it's all almost too much (but we're loving it).

8. An On-Trend Sage Staple

Velvet couches are apparently all the rage right now, and who are we to complain? Sage is actually one of the top Pinterest home trends for 2018, so a green velvet couch like this could bring a hip, modern feel into your home.

9. Understated Dining Chairs

Say goodbye to boring dining room chairs. These pastel velvet seats are the epitome of elegant, and we think they would make an amazing addition to any cozy dining area.

10. A Perfectly Pink Couch

Millennial pink and velvet are a match made in heaven. This pastel couch could be styled so many different ways—in a light, airy room with lots of white or as a pop of color against a dark backdrop, like it is here. Velvet is versatile like that!

11. A Cool-Toned Plush Headboard

Velvet accents aren’t just for the living room. Case in point: this beautiful headboard. The purple-grey hue is understated enough that the overall effect is classy and chic, instead of overwhelming.

12. A Velvet Lover’s Dream Office

If you need a lesson on how to seamlessly incorporate velvet into your decor, you should stop by The Wing, a women-only co-working space in N.Y.C. Their interiors are to die for, and they’ve definitely mastered the art of using velvet as a eye-catching accent (scroll through the Instagram gallery for all of the fantastic velvet accents).

Are you a fan of velvet decor? Tell us how you'd envision incorporating this trend into your home this spring!

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