A First Look at IKEA’s Dreamy New Wellness-Themed Collection

March  9, 2018

What would furniture designed with wellness in mind look like? It’s a hard question to answer outright, but it seems IKEA’s newest line attempts a go. Meet Hjärtelig, a limited-edition collection centered around a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Set to launch in April, the line of products is designed to “press the ‘pause’ button” and features light woody elements, earthy toned fabrics, and lots of options for indoor potted plants. Other materials include ashy and warm red clay, wicker, and breathable linen.

Courtesy of IKEA
Courtesy of IKEA
Courtesy of IKEA

Yoga is also woven into the fabric of the collection. Included among the furniture is a yoga mat, a yoga strap, and a set of yoga blocks. I think the idea is that the design is so relaxing that it would compel one to get stretching. Otherwise, I’m intrigued by the rattan hangers that come three to a pack and the canopy that floats above your bed like the most beautiful linen ghost you’ve ever seen. There’s also some candles, delicate glass accoutrements for collecting jewelry, and other whatsits.

Courtesy of IKEA
Courtesy of IKEA

The whole collection comes together in a beautiful photoshoot that takes place in the minimalist sun-soaked loft of our dreams. The jury’s still out as to whether this collection will take your yoga practice to new heights, but it will definitely make your room the tranquil haven you’ve always wanted it to be.

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Monia F. July 28, 2018
Hopefully this collection is available in the US!
BreAnna S. March 21, 2018
I am so in love with the look of this collection!
70&holding March 16, 2018
It has been awhile since my last visit. This collection is fueling my need to travel! See you soon!raf
Ann C. March 15, 2018
You had me at Yoga 💟 I'm definitely intrigued to go check this out at IKEA
Stacy I. March 10, 2018
Can't wait. Die hard ikea fan here. I'll make a special trip there just to swoon over the new collection and eat a cone of frozen yogurt!