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October 30, 2009

Next week's themes will be (you can enter beginning Monday):

Your Best Thanksgiving Stuffing

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Your Best Cranberry Sauce


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Deborah D. November 3, 2009
Just found this site through Susan at Foodblogga, and it is so simpatico with the whole reason I started blogging! Great site and awesome concept! I just posted about it so that my readers can check you out as well!
Sherlie November 2, 2009
Can we submit a cranberry salad? We have had it in place of sauce as an accent. It is not a jello salad.
Merrill S. November 2, 2009
Why not?
Jennifer P. October 30, 2009
Hmm...would you welcome a zingy, refreshing cranberry salsa? It's a nice alternative to its cooked counterpart.
lastnightsdinner October 31, 2009
Oh, that sounds great - I can't wait to see your recipe!
Merrill S. October 31, 2009
Of course! We almost asked for a "cranberry condiment," but we thought that sounded a little weird.
Jennifer P. November 1, 2009
Perfect. This recipe is great too because it's best two days later—a nice time saver for an already busy cooking day!