Tiny Embroidered Food Is My Current Internet Obsession

April 12, 2018

Who doesn’t love miniature food? There’s a reason why the Miniature Space channel’s mini food videos rack up millions of views on YouTube—they’re cute and whimsical, and simply fascinating!

If you’re as enamored with itty-bitty edible treats as we are, then you’re definitely going to want all of these amazing embroidered foods. The crafters of the internet have seriously outdone themselves with these petite decorations, which feature every sort of food imaginable, from tacos to sushi and everything in between.

1. Stitched Shrimp Nigiri

This little guy isn’t even finished, yet he still looks good enough to eat (check out the texture on the brown rice!). Where are our chopsticks?

2. The Perfect Weekend Pair

How sweet are these two? Pizza and beer are the best of friends, and they’re smiling because it’s almost the weekend.

3. Pasta that Jumps Off the Page

How cool is this 3-D pasta embroidery? All it needs is a little Parmesan on top, and you’d be tempted to eat it.

4. An Essential Call for Snacks

Okay, not technically a food, but we totally need this little sign for the 3 p.m. slump. Send all the snacks, please!

5. Adorable Coffee Friends

#разрешисебеписать_5 🌿📝 ••• Последние задание марафона - поделиться любым важным, интересным моментом или событием или эмоцией прошедшего дня. Что ж, мой день был вполне обычным выходным. Утренний отдых с кофе в постель, хлопоты в течение дня и вечер вдвоём с играми, общением, фильмами. И в такой обычный субботний день я рада, что у меня в окружении есть люди, которым я всегда могу рассказать всё. Ну то есть, совсем всё. Могу делиться своими упоротыми радостями и загонами, и они всегда поймут. Ещё больше радует, что общение не сводится к болтовне, мы обсуждаем, анализируем, ищем причины и подвохи, рассказываем друг другу примеры из жизни и прочее. Это помогает лучше понять себя. И нет бы хоть раз сказали "Маша, ты вообще в себе?!" Не говорят, я же сама знаю😂🤦🏼‍♀️ • #jj_indetail #click_vision #tv_living #rsa_vsco #wearevsco #still_life_gallery #momentsofmine #flatlayforever #xstich #crossstitch #embroidery #scissors #hobby #вышивка #вышиваюкрестиком #хобби #явышиваю #mrsmorphine_xstitch @textbomba @letsblogschool

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Speaking of the 3 p.m. slump, there’s no better treat to power you through the work day than a cup of coffee and a sweet treat. This cupcake is almost too cute to eat, though.

6. Puffy Sprinkled Donuts

Some of these embroidered foods are just so creative. We love the 3-D aspect of this pink “stuffed” doughnut—it really jumps off the canvas (be sure to scroll through for an alternate view). We'll take two, please.

7. A Trendy Blue Pineapple

Pineapples have become a popular decor motif in recent years, and what better way to bring them into your home than with a beautiful cross-stitch design?

8. An Avocado Love Story

Should I bring this hoop back? 🥑

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Again, not exactly food, but still too cute not to include. Perfect for your avocado toast-loving friends.

9. Drool-Worthy Waffles and Syrup

What’s better than a good food pun? A food pun paired with a super-cute cross-stitched waffle, that's what.

10. A Piping Hot Cup of Java

This is honestly a work of art. We love every detail, down to the steam and pretty polka dots. Now we’re craving a latte...

11. A Delicious Pizza Pie

No list of adorable miniature food decorations would be complete without an appetizing pepperoni pizza. Is that slice for us?

12. All the Fixings for Taco Night

The puns just keep coming. We’ll happily taco ‘bout how much this cross-stitch design makes us smile.

13. Hyper-Realistic Coffee

You might do a double-take when you see this awe-inspiring bit of embroidery. Yes, it really is made of string, all the way down to the foam on the coffee. Crazy!

14. A Delicate Beaded Watermelon

This lovely embroidered watermelon looks good enough to eat, and the artist took it to the next level with some shiny beaded seeds.

15. Oh-So-Happy Milk and Cookies

❤️ True Love ❤️

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The cutesy nature of this embroidered food pairing is just so endearing. These milk and cookies would make a perfect decoration for your kitchen or kids’ space.

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