Avocado Toasts and Friends

September  8, 2014

Some curmudgeons decry the avocado toast phenomenon. They stand on soap boxes and shout, "When will the avocado toast bubble burst? When will all those who have invested their hard-earned dollars in Haas avocados and sourdough loaves realize it was all for naught?" 

Silence, skeptics. Avocado toast is not the next cronut; you don't have to wait in crazy long lines to get it. And avocado toast is certainly not another froyo; it's not overtaking cities in the form of irritating franchises. Avocado toast is crunchy, creamy, salty, and fatty, all while being nutrititous and wholesome; it's acceptable for every meal of the day; and it's the perfect canvas for your culinary whims.

So dig out the money from under your mattress and spend it on avocados and bread. The returns will be substantial. 

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Grilled Garlic Toast by Merrill Stubbs


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Try sprinkling and drizzling these spices and sauces on top.


Photos by James Ransom

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laurie M. September 10, 2014
Looks delicious, Sarah!
Al A. September 10, 2014
I just read the article about the "phenomenon" of avocado toast. Fascinating! Eating avocado on toast is something I was first introduced to when I visited the parents of the young lady I was seeing at the time in Israel and they served it at
lunch. The soft fruit was spread on lightly buttered, crisp toast, and while I don't ordinarily use salt in any way, a small amount was sprinkled on top. It brought out a delightfully nutty flavor. It was love at first bite and have been eating that way ever since. That was in 1961! While having nothing to do with the article, it was coincidental that while working on a farm at the time, I participated in the re-planting of a grove of avocado trees that had been raised as saplings in 5 gallon buckets. It was incredibly challenging as they were very heavy to handle but also satisfying in seeing the task completed. For all I know, they may still be bearing fruit!

I enjoy the various articles and recipes found here very much. Lots of creative, tasteful people!!
Suzanne September 10, 2014
My favorite add-on to avocado toast is white truffle oil, so good!
Jeff September 10, 2014
I had no idea avocado toast was a "thing". My favorite is avocado fork-smashed on the toast (my homemade, preferably), with a little Cholula sauce, a few halved cherry tomatoes installed like tiles in the avocado mortar, with some grated cheese on top. Broil till the cheese melts.
Louise September 9, 2014
I ate avocado toast twice today. Yes twice. Ezekiel bread english muffin and avocado topped with a homemade seafood salad (tuna, crab, pickles, onions, celery mixed with homemade olive oil mayo). Every bite was heavenly.
MRubenzahl September 9, 2014
Well, I like avocado. And I like toast. Marriage made in heaven!

Seriously, this does sound like a genius pairing.
Sara S. September 8, 2014
I love plain avocado toast with lemon and dried chili flakes. But I also love it topped with a hard-boiled egg. A nutritionist I once spoke with told me that is a perfectly well-rounded breakfast.
Tippy C. September 8, 2014
I wil always be thankful to Gwyneth Paltrow for the suggestion in one of her books of adding a spread of veganaise to my standby morning avocado toast (which I always eat with salt, pepper and a slight squeeze of lemon on top). Don't shudder until you try it. To my surprise, it elevated a favorite taste experience one more notch towards perfection.
BaliThai September 8, 2014
I had to giggle when reading ""When will the avocado toast bubble burst?" One set of my grandparents were introduced to the joys of avocados when they relocated from Oklahoma to Southern California during the Great Depression. They had a avocado tree and avocado toast was a run-of-the-mill breakfast food. My other set of grandparents discovered avocado toast when they relocated from Wisconsin to the Bay Area. . . . avocado toast is a favorite food for my children too and thus has been a staple in our family for 4 generations at this point. :-)
Sarah J. September 8, 2014
So great to have this personal history of avocado toast. Long live the world's greatest snack (and breakfast...and lunch...and dinner...)
Allyn September 8, 2014
I made Saltie's Focaccia after seeing it here and HOLY CRAP... it's so good! It also freezes beautifully, which is great, because it makes a ton. We love to pull some out of the freezer and toast it under the broiler as a perfect side for soups. It makes great avocado toast and BLTs too!