Your Best Thanksgiving Stuffing Contest

November  2, 2009

A quick note for all of you stuffing kings and queens out there: we can't reveal any details just yet, but this week's contest for Your Best Thanksgiving Stuffing has the potential to be especially rewarding for the two finalists. So show us your stuff -- you've got until Friday at midnight!


SueG November 4, 2009
I have been eating gluten-free for the past few months, and came up with a GF spoon bread recipe based on my usual bread stuffing and it was really, truly, just as satisfying. I was nervous before I put it together because the stuffing is my favorite dish at Thanksgiving. No worries now.
Deborah D. November 3, 2009
Stuffing is the dish that makes Thanksgiving. I am so excited to share a recipe that has been passed through my husband's family for three generations and that today, my children gather in the kitchen to make sure it makes it to their own children!