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What’s This Pink-ish Condiment Taking Over Twitter?

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Last week, the internet launched a boy with a remarkable penchant for yodeling, from relative obscurity to the Coachella stage. This week, it’s not a hollerin’ preteen, but a condiment. Yep, a sauce full of ketchup and mayonnaise has gone suddenly viral. What a time to be alive.

It all began on Twitter (where else?) when a photo of an unfamiliar—at least to American consumers—Heinz product began to circulate.

The beige-y sauce is sold in a squeeze-top bottle labeled “Delicious Mayochup Mayonnaise” and below, in Arabic, “Heinz Mayonnaise.” And to further the point, the label depicts two streams of sauce, one white and one red, melding together in a bowl. The image was enough to elicit a few reactions from me (see below):

Amazing. How do I get my hands on this? Wait, is this sold in the U.S.? Should it be sold in the U.S.? Can’t we just mix mayonnaise and ketchup ourselves? Doesn’t this already exist? Have we really gotten this lazy? Like so lazy we can’t even mix two sauces together? Is this the decline of society as we know it? It probably tastes so good, though. Oh, I can’t wait to dip a fry in this.

As someone who only ever eats their ketchup with mayonnaise and their mayonnaise with ketchup, the sign of a product that catered to my needs was delightful. But also, a harbinger of something darker: the end of personally customizable condiment experiences. Have we really gone so far that we can’t even be trusted to make our own ketchup-mayo mixes? Perhaps. But is it too convenient?

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I wasn’t alone in my sudden crisis of convenience store existentialism. People across the internet brought up similar points. Many, calling attention to the fact that Heinz might actually be behind the trend—the common combo has been around for what seems like forever. For example: the Argentina Salsa Golf or Russian dressing or Fry Sauce to Utahns. But for those potential U.S. consumers who want a pre-mixed condiment, Heinz’s mayochup is only available in the Middle East, hence the Arabic script on the bottle.

But not for long.

Heinz caught wind of all the digital hubbub and launched a Twitter poll inviting denizens of the internet to weigh in. Could Heinz mayochup soon be available for purchase? Like any good democracy they let the people decide:

The people have spoken and it seems Heinz mayochup could soon be a thing stateside. The team for the new product beat out the against by a ten percent margin. Now, that’s something! When the sauce will arrive on U.S. American shelves remains to be seen. As for what it will be called, well, that's a whole other debate:

What would you call this combo? Tell us your proposal in the comments section.

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