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June 24, 2011


Between now and next Thursday at midnight, we want to see Your Best Dish in the Raw. What, pray tell, do we mean by this? For more details and to enter this rather mysterious contest, go here.


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AntoniaJames June 25, 2011
Do all ingredients have to be completely raw and never cooked? For example, yogurt is a cooked ingredient, but might play a supporting role in a dressing. Liquor is the result of a cooking process, too. So is it verboten? And speaking of dressings, does naked literally mean, "not dressed" as in no dressings? Help!! ;o)
Merrill S. June 26, 2011
AJ, this theme is open to your interpretation. There are no hard and fast rules, only the "guidelines" we've laid out in the contest description. We're looking for creativity!
sexyLAMBCHOPx June 25, 2011
This contest is on my top 5 list of favorites. I'm enoying every submission. : )
Greenstuff June 24, 2011
How lovely a theme as Chez Panisse celebrates its 40th anniversary! Like all the Chez Panisse abd their alums, so many of us have had celebrations of simple, perfect ingredients. Once, at one of Nantucket's best restaurants, everyone in my party got the same thing--simply grilled bluefish and perfect tomatoes, just drizzled with just a bit of olive oil. Memorably great. At another fine dinner, a friend told the restaurant that the best dessert would be "the perfect pear," and they delivered. I don't know how the contest is going to capture this theme, but I'm sure hoping that I'll know it when I see it.
Greenstuff June 24, 2011
Oh and the Chez Panisse crowd--in 1971--they also got aargersi's view. NEKKID?--How Berkeley can you be?!
aargersi June 24, 2011
COOK NEKKID! Oh, wait - you want US in the raw, or the food?
Merrill S. June 24, 2011
Why not both?
wssmom June 24, 2011
aargersi you crack me up
Panfusine June 25, 2011
OH BOY! this thread is truly leaning towards food porn!
boulangere June 25, 2011
Where was I when everyone was getting nekkid yesterday?
Panfusine June 24, 2011
Do condiments count? I mean technically we wouldn't be taking a spoon to a bowl of chutney & scarf it up, would we? just wanted to get Food52's opinion before I thrown in a recipe.
Kristen M. June 24, 2011
We're leaving the interpretation of "in the raw" up to you guys but check out the contest description (linked above) for inspiration.