This Soufflé Omelet Is Like a Cloud You Can Eat

May 31, 2018

It’s an omelet! It’s a soufflé! Oh, its…both?

For those of you too reticent to tackle a soufflé, or maybe you're bored by the omelet, I present to you the breakfast lovechild you’ve been looking for: the soufflé omelet.

You might be wondering: What is that? The soufflé omelet, as its name suggests, marries the fluffy, airy, buoyant texture of that famed, finicky baked egg dish (the soufflé) with the sturdy reliability of that classic fried egg dish (the omelet). On top of it all, it looks rather easy to make. Behold, this YouTube tutorial:

You start by beating eggs on high for roughly three minutes. Once the eggs look frothy and airbound, they’re ready for the pan, which by now should hvae been generously buttered and oiled. The rest goes mostly according to plan: You cook the omelet covered over medium for about eight minutes. When the bottom and edges appear set, but the middle still soft, you flip it out onto a plate and fold it over onto itself.

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We'll definitely be adding this to our weekend breakfast rotation. Because sometimes the only things worth getting out of bed for are edible pillows. And that's a fact!

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Have you ever heard of the soufflé omelet? If so, tell us where in the comments below.

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    Carol Hull
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Carol H. June 25, 2018
Can you incorporate cheese and other stuff in this omelette or will it deflate it?
Jo June 4, 2018
That souffle omelette looked amazing. I'm going to have to make that tomorrow morning!